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I have a new item on my shopping list and it is for babies. It felt good to give my nephew his new baby clothes that he’ll be wearing when he turned one. I gave it to him on his Christening and Third Month and his mother turned all smiles after that. I think baby clothes comes a little expensive for it’s size right? Imagine a small piece of clothing but its price are close to an adult clothing’s price. I demand retribution! haha! It’s nothing, I just though about it, maybe I should just bought myself a jeans back then. Anyway, since I am his ninong, I will be obliged to give him a gift.. annually! and that doesn’t hurt a lot, really!

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  • Samantha says:

    I am always looking for great deals on baby clothes due to the fact I have a lot of little ones to buy for during the year. I have about ten neices & nephes that have birthdays throughout the year and, I don’t want to give them something they can’t use. If you look you can get some really cute baby clothes that are brand name and, very in style! Want a new place to check out? is one of my very favorites places for children’s clothes!

  • jV says:

    wow thanks for the link, this will really help me and of course my cousins who are mothers like you. You know, they are fund of dressing their little ones with just as much as dressing a doll, They said that Infancy comes once in a lifetime so they really are trying to make the best of it. Thanks again for the link Samantha.

  • Apryl Sitts says:

    Baby clothing has become very expensive. In this day and age, many new parents struggle to make ends meet and to make certain that they have all of the clothing items that the need for their baby. If you are such a person, you will want to spend some time on the Internet. At this point in time, a new parent can find an array of solid bargains on the Internet when it comes to clothing for a baby.:`;..

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