Letting Go


The reality for me is that, that time was right and will soon be finding out the consequences of my decision or should I say, choice. Last month I filed a resignation from my current job and time is ticking near before the effective date. Some say I made a bad choice, some say it is just worth it, but for me it is the decision that made me know more about myself. It did not matter that time if I made the right choice or not, what matters is the way I was able to let go of the security for my own personal reasons. I love my importance and role in that company, I love most things about it but the more I learn of the disparity on job and career the more I doubted my outlook. ¬†Letting go is a hard thing to do, it really is, but sometimes it is better to move away from something unbecoming than fall in line to ¬†somethings you know can’t afford your own self.

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