Plans, revisited


I left my last job believing i have a plan. But then i guess i don’t have one until last week. After a month of being at home just savoring the easy life, I then realized that i need to start molding a concrete plan as what i had before was purely frustration and that doesn’t seem to add up on being called a plan.

Back to scratch – in a literal sense.

Others say that our life started on a blank sheet of paper and we were given a pencil to write a path and an eraser to re-order things. I would prefer an ink though as I intend to write my own path now permanently on a sheet of paper and if ever i come across a page where i need to make some revisions, I’ll just start on a new sheet without erasing the errors but instead will live with it. I just need to make sure that i don’t forget the things i do or did before as i understand that it will contribute to making a concrete plan for my future.

Hah, i just wish that my next page will be a success and hoping that it will also have a greater effect on the people around me.

Spine-tingling excitement is what i feel right now. Yeah! 😉


but then again.. I just hope so. lol :)

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