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I’ve been recording homegrown tracks from my desktop for about a year now and I made some few tracks but still not satisfied with the output. I guess my old recording module is not quite the best purchase I made but it did some fine tracks in my opinion. This time, I’m searching online for a good recording device and one of the best place to look for one is through musician’s friend and browse through their wide list of brands and products. From there, I found JamHub which is new to my eyes but certainly not an introductory product line. It is amazing that they sell their products on a good price while offering more than what other brands can compete with. Something like Jamhub Bedroom 5-section system, Tourbus 7-section, headphone extension packs and more. If I am on a mobile sound rental business, I’ll definitely but all of them but for now I’ll be looking for something best fitted for my room.

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