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Mint plant, I grew fond of them. Taking care of this plant is a piece of cake but when I started growing from just one plant and rooting them from there, it was just not as easy as the experienced guys say. Today I have about 12 pots of full grown mint whereas before, growing just one was a bit challenging for the reason that I experimented a lot and following some instructions I read online. So what works best for me? Here goes.

Growing Mint in just four easy and simple steps.

1. Cut from a mature sprig about 4 Inches from the top. It is better to choose a sprig with little shoots coming out from the leaf nodes. Once you cut about a centimeter from there, these tiny shoots will grow just like a Greek hydra’s head.

2. Plant the cutting  directly in moist soil. Not too wet and not to dry, keep the soil moist.

3. Place the pot under the shade for a bout a week or two. The cutting will grow longer and a bit harder – a sign that it has developed roots already. Oh, don’t forget to pour down some water from time to time.

4. The plant will then be ready to be placed under the sun. You can see how happy these mint plants can be with sufficient amount of sun and water. But beware, they have to be strong enough to withstand this so, some adjustment should be done as well like exposing them to a morning sun for about 30 minutes the first time and gradually increase the duration.


I tried several techniques though and the one mentioned above worked for me rather than rooting them via water or covering the plant with a plastic, so I wouldn’t be so sure if this will be applicable to everyone. I’ll try to make a step by step guide with photos soon so it will be easier to see the progress.

So there, hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this helps! Sooner or later you too can  enjoy countless serving of Mojito.



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