Can’t sleep? Try this!


Sleeping is very important. Well, of course, everyone sleeps and that is an essential part of our life – all life to be exact. But what would you do if you can’t sleep? Some may opt to push themselves to sleep yet others choose to do something worthwhile until the last thing to do is close their eyes and sulk into the dream world. As for me, i do to the latter.

Whenever i find myself unable to sleep at night, I’ll think of something to do, maybe grab my tools and tinker my bike, sometimes i watch late night news programs, read news, an article or two, or write this entry in this blog. The thing is, If I can’t sleep, I’ll do stuffs that will help me think and act more, realign my thoughts and just reach a point where it is just too tiring that I need to sleep.

This is not lesson for anyone by the way, some do what i do and some may find it off. Experts may suggest that it is unhealthy and some may say it is good for us. Just do something productive while you are awake and sleep will soon come for us. Good night everyone!

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