In and Out. The Wonder of a Drawer Slide


I bought a computer desk a few months ago. Complete with drawers and doors with locks for my valuables. It was sturdy, until the drawer came off after just a week or two without heavy usage. Its annoying that when the time that I was used to pulling the drawer in and out, the slide sometimes don’t budge, get stuck and worst, the whole drawer fell off. It’s annoying yet on the other hand, I thought that it was the best time to try a different slide, the best I’ve seen so far in terms of design. Not that it is visible when installed, and will be an eyepiece but more like a well-built design that I think will last longer.

So I decided to dismantle the desk drawers and installed fulterer drawer slides and in just a few tweaking and so on, got it functioning again. Its easy to tell which slides are top notch from a low-end slide which uses low-end materials. I wonder why they sell those stuffs anyway, the old slide did not even made it for a month. And so my desk is now a genuine desk with drawers which I can easy pull in and out without worrying that the things inside may all kiss the floor. Lesson learned, moving parts that are cheap, regardless of the usage will eventually break down so better make the right choice and go for a well-built parts.

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