After Oblicon Comes my Place


Last night, after my class in oblicon I went straight home to find out that I will be drinking with my friends on our house. It was Tuesday night and I am free the next day so I don’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning. While we are drinking, we talked about certain things like money, surveys (the one about which is which) debt consolidation, music, computers, our band and naruto, (Ha-ha!) while we are drinking gran matador. That drink was meant to be another bonding between band mates and most importantly it was meant for a relaxation. I had a tiring week and so as my friends that is why we have decided to drink that night away. Then, while we are talking about money, we suddenly started shifting our focus to another sub topic which is about medical debt consolidation and ended up still clueless and tipsy. Anyway, there are lots of questions that are unanswerable so we shifted to surveys which we see on newspapers and other important websites. Nothing important but ended up screwing the surveys and misleading the information, maybe its a product of alcohol? He then told me about his plans for 2009 and one of it is to invest and buy their own house as we all know that high amount of money is being spent on paying rent alone, it is a good thing to avoid rental debt and high interests. All in all minus the hangover, I had a great time!

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