Prelude to Dismissal


Yesterday was my finals examinations on World Lit, Quanti and the posponed Political Science exam. Yesterday was just another bum day after the first two exams and during the long break, abpout 5 hours or more, we just ate and sleep at the library then waited for the professor on Pilitical Science. Minutes passed and we recieved a message from the professor through our block president that she will not be able to attend the class because of a reason that I forgot to remember. We just wished that she told us way earlier that she will not be coming for the exam so we can be home earlier. Though we waited during pur long break, we managed to log in from a nearby computer cafe and played casino online, it’s fun really.

So back to the long break period, we went to a computer shop and did a little browsing on some things that might be fun, they played Left 4 Dead, yeah my blockmates. While me in the other hand browsed the net some more and ended up scanning from a list of best online casinos. Though I did not have enough time to play, I managed to visit casinos online from an internet cafe near Mendiola.

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