Triple Treat


Today, Our family is celebrating my grandmother and cousin’s birthdayday. My grandmother is now 79 years old, as for my cousin, I’m not really sure how old she is. Yet, it is important to celebrate to let them feel that they are being taken cared of and appreciated.

Personally, I have another thing to celebrate, It is for me and jha’s third year and a month of being together. Though we really don’t have a plan on to what should be our next step, we are taking it slowly and see what lies ahead of us. The most important thing is we love and we stay for each other.

Anyway, I just greeted my grandmother this morning with a kiss for I still don’t have a gift. I wonder what should be a good gift for her. My grandmother, her name is Precilla but known as “Inang”, was the the ne who took care of me and my siblings, my eldest brother and my younger sister. Yeah, I’m the middle guy. hehe! But really, This day is a triple treat, If you can remember my Mitch, who is the mother of my twin nieces, Ashley and Althea, is a great mother and I think the celebration of those two birthdays will be held on Saturday, I don’t know. Again, Happy Triple Treat!

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