Personalized, materialized!


Last month I bought a lanyard for my Suv’s keys and what I thought was good is not that good enough when I saw a wide selction of creatively cute personalized key fob. I asked myself, why on earth did I bought that lanyard when I should have bought the key fob. Another thing I like about having personalized accessories is it being, of course personalized. SO mother’s day was over some few days ago?I haven’t really bought my mom something she can carry with her from our home to her work, I just think that giving her a mom agenda planner, of course it should also be personalized so she will be the only one in the world with that planner, unlike other planners, there is no sense of personality. In the meantime, since I love drinking coffee from my cup, which is hot when is filled, I think I might need a monogrammed koozies! Now only my lips will blister when drinking my favorite extremely hot coffee!

The Vegan Fly


By brother bought a new cam, a simple Canon Cybershot cam for personal use. While we were on vacation on Tagaytay 2 weeks ago, he shoot so many things around him just to experience taking pictures for himself and as a collection. Then one morning, he went into the garden near our place and he took some photos of plants and insects. He saw a fly I don’t know whether it was sucking nectar which is intriguing or maybe the fly was bored to death that he hung out on a leaf just for fun. Anyway, We had fun with this photo. Look..


who said flies can’t be beautiful? its a vegan!

So there, I just thought that only butterflies and other beautiful insects deserve this shoot. To think that this fly only feeds on dirty stuffs including “you know what” on the streets and the place that you would not want to be. I wonder what this fly is thinking? Is it going on a VEGAN DIET? oh well, it sucks that we humans do not have the ability to know what they are thinking, I think it would be funny somehow. Hehe!

ciao! I hope my readers would enjoy this post!


Again, my friend ariane helped me with something i can really use in terms of my lifestyle. How? I’ll tell you where I am right now.. I am inside a passenger jeep, with fellow commuters on a trip in the middle of the night. I am on my way to sm southmall, and all i have with me are cellphone, money and a jacket. So what is special about it? I am blogging using my cellphone, yes i am online and i can surf all i want. This surely relieved me from worrying when i can go home and log in from my desktop. The special thing about this is wherever i go now, i can blog and surf and it will be easier for me to write my thoughts and share it on d web. Again, thanks to ariane for introducing me bolt and opera mini. Now that i have installed it on my nokia 6300, i’ll never get bored during long travels. Cheers for Thor!

Tryals Art – Blind Justice


This is the artwork i made for my band, Tryals, last year I think. This one is about fair trial as portrayed by the Roman Goddess, Lady Justice or Justitia. A moral force that should be adapted by authorities, civilians and of course everyone. Personally, I love the concept of justice especially the scale and the sword which Lady Justitia is holding and her famous blindfold. Justice is Blind eh? a fair trial for everyone! cheers!


Please judge it as you wish, it is ok as long as you’ll keep it constructive. Enjoy!

The Empire

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