Tagaytay with the Twins


Last Sunday my family went to Tagaytay to visit the family of Ashley and Althea (twins). We were supposed to visit them in the morning then leave that night but was canceled due to a very cold weather where we’ve gone so lazy and decided to sleep that night away. So the best part is playing with the twins all day. Man, they are so full of energy, I mean they are unstoppable, once they start doing things they cannot be stopped and beware, if you try to, they will cry. Ha-ha!

Anyway, Ive found out that those two were closer than the past few months. They now act as if they want to share the glory of doing things. They even move in synchronization from time to time and they support one another. The best part of what they do is when we asked them to hug, they hugged one another and it is a good sight and it is very very cute. Included below are pictures of these twins ad I hope you’ll like it.

And that’s about it for now. I have tons of pictures here but I don’t know if I can upload it here soon. Anyway, it is time for me to go and rest a little. I hope these photos brighten up my viewers day. Thank you and God bless!

The Baby Who Went Away


It was last Monday, 10th of November 2008 when my cousin and her baby left philippines for good. This time their family will be together in Singapore. Of course we will miss them especially Gelo, no more crying out loud on a late night circumstances. I will miss playing with baby Gelo on his baby bedding and making him laugh and cry. Anyway, I hope when they visit us here by next year, baby Gelo will still remember us because he is only Five or Six months when he left last Monday. I hope they are doing well and I know that they are. Oh well, time to wrap my gifst for him since Christmas is coming.

Welcome to My Crib.. Baby Crib!


My cousin have a son, a very cute one. Before her baby’s birth who’s name is Gelo, he managed to buy things that are necessary for the child’s safety. Some of the things she bought for Gelo were baby crib, crib bedding, bottle sanitizer, baby clothes, and some luxuriously expensive stuffs. But who’s to blame? Gelo is her first baby which means he’s going to be spoiled sooner or later right? Gelo sure is lucky. I wish I am still a baby. gooh gooh dahdah!

Baby Clothes


I have a new item on my shopping list and it is for babies. It felt good to give my nephew his new baby clothes that he’ll be wearing when he turned one. I gave it to him on his Christening and Third Month and his mother turned all smiles after that. I think baby clothes comes a little expensive for it’s size right? Imagine a small piece of clothing but its price are close to an adult clothing’s price. I demand retribution! haha! It’s nothing, I just though about it, maybe I should just bought myself a jeans back then. Anyway, since I am his ninong, I will be obliged to give him a gift.. annually! and that doesn’t hurt a lot, really!

The Empire

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