Premium power on the go


Nowadays, everyone uses batteries to power up their devices. mobile phones, gaming gadgets up to laptops and more. Though everyone uses these for their stuffs, some may not even give consider giving proper care to the batteries thinking that it can be replaced anytime they feel it should be replaced, or worst when it already do some measurable damage to a device. I applaud those people who consider batteries to be a more of a functional device rather than something disposable. For a laptop user, I value them as much I value the benefits of doing relevant things with my device.

Laptop battery, is a serious item to be considering its worth and function. It gives life to our  daily computing needs and moreover, it powers up our day to day activities though in a conventional way. I myself, replaced a battery sometime ago and to my dismay, it ended up giving up before I expected it to for the reason that I chose to buy cheaper option without thinking of the consequences. Then I came up with the idea to search and review stuffs like Dell laptop battery and tried it. It went well given that it markets their reliability and benefits of using premium power on the go and as a better replacement than what is currently in the market.

For me, batteries should be given a credit for powering us up. Our devices are just powerless without them and caring for the thing that powers them up also means caring for the devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

High End Computing Here I Come!


Its just 2 to 3 months left before I can setup my dream CPU. Remember me talking about the ups and downs of a desktop and laptop because few months ago I am confused in what to buy. Now that I had the chance to re-assess my needs and wants and to feed my demand for high computing I ended up saving for a desktop computer. So what are we looking into when it comes to setting up your own CPU? I already have a list of what to buy without a professional’s help. I just wish that what I have in my list can withstand some serious applications and processes. Anyway, I found out that the motherboard I have on my list have an expandable of up to 16GB of computer memory. As for the budget, I’ll stick with 2GB for the time being. =)

The Mac Way


Choosing a notebook is not that easy as it seems, the first challenge is the price, the next is the model. Example, I have chosen Mac, I would likely find compatible ways to enjoy it like free mac games and other related software. I know, my blog may not be compatible either so I have to find some ftp software available on mac blog to let of course. And ah, the most favorite part is the pastime, mac games might be better than having none at all. I’m confused on what to buy but maybe i’ll deal with it someday when I have saved enough already.

Can You Fix my PS2?


My sister asked me a while ago that she want my ps2 fixed soon. She is a bummer on weekends and needs something to keep her busy with the exemption of school books. As for me, I also wanted it fixed a long time ago, I want to play again Metal Gear Solid and finish it with a tactical gear outfit. Oh well, maybe soon I’ll deal with that.

Uploading WordPress Theme & WordPress Plugin


We’re done in configuring SmartFtp as our ftp client. What is our next step? We are going to upload our created or downloaded theme to use in our blog site.

This should be easy, just follow the instructions carefully.

1. Double click on the sign and the “+” should be “-” to see the dropdown list or expanded list of directories such as: cgi-bin, wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes.

2. We will be focusing on wp-content. here is where you will see your directories such as: plugins, themes and upload directory.

3. If you want to upload a theme, drag the folder of your chosen theme; the one that you’ve downloaded or created into the wp-content>themes folder. Or you can right click on the themes folder then choose upload and choose the folder of the selected theme. In anyways, the outcome would be the same.

4. If you plan on uploading your Wordpress plugin, this where you’ll be goin to upload it: wp-content>plugins. Drag it or upload it, it works the same. but here in plugins directory, you should only upload the excat folder with its contents in able for it to work.

We are done in uploading our wordpress theme and plugin.

The Next step will be, using the theme on our blog.

1. login to your wordpress admin area. type on your browser but of course your own login information.

2. Once you have accessed your admin area and landed on your dashboard, look for the tab with Design, click on it and see your uploaded theme on the list below, click on your selected theme then visit your site to see the effect. That’s it for themes.

And Now for the Plugins part.

1. On your dashboard, look for Plugins and click on it to open the Plugins Management page.

2. You will see the a list of plugins here that includes Akismet and Hello Dolly which is available upon wordpress installation.

3. If you have already uploaded your plugins using smartftp client or ftp client, you will see the name of that plugin in the Plugins Management Table. Now it is up to you to activate or deactivate it.

*A plugin’s effect varies on what kind of plugin you will be using, just be smart in selecting your theme.*

This is the end of our tutorial.

for questions and verifications please message me here through posting a comment

or sending me an email.

For corrections about my tutorial, pls be kind and polite in correcting me. I would love to here it in an

acceptable manner.

Thanks and Happy Blogging!!

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