VOTE EARTH against Global Warming


As soon as I’ve seen the advertisement Vote Earth from Discovery Channel my curiosity rose and from that moment I said to myself, I want to participate in this one. Why? Because if the whole world participate on this election, our world may have the chance of survival against global warming together with all the inhabitants of mother earth. Then, I heard many people talked about this election and they all said that they will participate. Even if others will not participate on the election, my family will still participate on this history changing project. The world needs our help and we are the one who will benefit from it on the long run so let us participate.

By the way, I visited their site and I found this piece of info why we should participate.


On March 28 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour.
Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. We want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming.

So there is no reason why we can not join the election. We have the power to change the world and we can do it together. If you feel that you can’t participate, think again!! I know that you are not selfish enough to deprive the world its rightful care. Remember its March 28! and the time here in Asia, particularly in the Philippines is 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM but I guess the time is global anyway.  NOW VOTE!!

Lets Plant Trees: Save the World


This campaign to save the earth is almost everywhere. In fact we learned it from our childhood years. I know that all of us want to do something about global warming but how can we start? I guess its up to anyone of us. There are no particular steps to be followed in saving the earth but we need the discipline and action to do so. I made a very very VERY simple drawing on what I just though a while ago, scanned it and colored it through Photoshop (anyone can paint like this through Windows Paint Ha-ha!). (though I did not actually took the time to make it better because I think the simpler the better the more people will look into this especially the children who now knows how to search the search engines. he-he)  I hope that You’ll like this one. I can’t say that its good but its worth a try. Just to give us an idea on how to save the world. I might as well say that we can plant trees. Boring? Not really! Lets Plant Trees and Save the World. By the way, we should also take care of those trees once we’ve planted one. :))


I hope that you’ll like the drawing, even though the techniques I used was extinguishable. Smile and Cheers!

Summer is Coming again!


Summer is coming again, but unfortunately I’ll be spending my summer as an intern student.  I wish that I could spend it like the old days but this only means that I am on my way to graduation at last! Just one year to go, but first I have to finish my internship before I can really celebrate it. I have another thing I like to do, I like to see a crape myrtle and maybe I can get one ofr my home. It must really be a great achievement for me to have some sort of flowers at my home and by then I can proudly shout that I love the environment!

How to Make a Mini Garden for your Pocket Home


Whether you have a green thumb and just moved into a small space in the city, or you are a condo dweller looking for a simple nature-friendly hobby to keep you busy at home, a pocket garden may just be what you are looking for. Not only will it keep you preoccupied, it is also a chance to give you pad a much needed facelift or some character. And if you choose to care for a small fruit tree or tend to pots of herbs, it will give you something you can munch on or cook with i the future.

Lets face it: living in a condo unit isn’t the same as having your own backyard. But with careful planning, patience and discipline, you can achieve results. You just need to consider the following things: location, amount of sunlight, and the plant suitable for your space.

Befor making that plunge into gardening, assess your living space. If you are lucky to have a patio or balcony, then you have it all worked out for you. Whatever size of open space you have, it will make a goog place to start your mini garden. And if you’re unlucky not to have one, then putting some plants by a window might be an option, as well as choosing some shade-tolerant varieties indoors.

After you’ve chosen where you can place your garden, find out how much sunlight the spot recieves. This will make it easy to select the right houseplant for you.

It’s then off to the nursery for you. Do no hesitate to ask questions from a nursery staff when choosing what plants will suit your needs. Ask them for advice, and be honest in telling them how much time you have in day to care for a plant and whether you think you’re good or not in gardening. This way you can make th right choice.

You can always start small and simple with cactus, aloe or other succulents. These plants do not require direct sunlight to grow, need only pots, and come in a variety of sizes and color.

Other east-to-maintain plants are the peace lily (spathyhyllum) and dracaena (fortune plant). They Thrive under any light condition, and need just watering for care.

Another foolprofft plant is the philodendron, which is often grown for indoor use. This plant has very few problems with pests and does not require that much watering. In fact, many gardeners suggest the philodendron to first-time plant enthusiasts because they are very resilient and have long lifespan.

If you love to cook and your kitchen windowsill in little pots, a window box, or pretty much any container you can think of — a coffee mug, small plastic tub or tin — so long as you create drainage holes in the bathroom. Choices are endless. Try basil, parsley, oregano, and chives.

And if you are adventurous enough, why not try growing a citrus plant, like calamansi? there are number of dwarf citrus fruit tree varieties that you could grow on your balcony. Citrus plats bring color and fragrance into homes, which beat just about any air freshener.

When planning your mini-garden, consider the pots you will use. Almost anything can be turned into a pot. so long as you plug a hole or two at the bottom for drainage. Clay pots might be a traditional choice, but you can experiment with old watering cans, used boots or even a helmet! But do try to match the containers to your interiors.

And always remember to grrom your plants. As plants grow, they needed to have their roots trimmed. Plants that have grown a bit too larger for their pots should be repotted.

This is an article for plant lovers who wants to keep their space preoccupied and at the same time suiting to their needs. I found this article from Philippine Star, Business Section. Sunday June 15 2008 and then managed to post it here for reference about gardening.

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