Strings Attached


I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12, and had lots of guitar bought and sold just to find my perfect sound. I remember one time my friend ask me where to buy guitars because they noticed guitars come and go my possession. I was able to find the perfect match for me, a guitar that is not being sold in the market anymore that time and its perfect. However, finding guitars today is an easy task because online shops can find one for you.

Audio Room


I just recently finished re-arranging my room. Replacing my bed, desk and of course installing a yamaha sound system. With all these in place, my room never sounded so great. From easy listening to playing back my past tunes, all of it is way cooler that what my past setup was. Now i’m planning to install one on our TV set for music and movies to make it sound like a concert or a live movie.



Looking for an online music store that is trusted for delivering its promise? I recommend musicianfriends as I’ve been an avid customer since I can remember. I live in PH and ordering online is just too easy than looking for my gears locally. Up until now they still have wide variety of gears that help make quality music. Musicians from all over the world can find what they want with their store and speaking of which, I guess I need to find myself a new set of gears for my guitar.

Stand up for the right to play


Music stands are handy specially if you are playing stringed instruments. However, it is very versatile that it can be used with various musical instruments as you see fit. So versatile that if in case you want to get one, you need to have a heavy duty stand for your heavy duty music needs.

I remember a time when I only use an improvised music stand to hold my sheets, scores and some other things. The tendency to fall down is high and it does not look good in the eyes. When playing music, you need to be comfortable with your gears and also the surrounding, an eyesore if I may add. But with K&M, the stand looks sturdy, heavy and well made. Why would I go back to my old wooden improvised stand? This will last a long time and maybe a lifetime.

I’m sure that somewhere in your path to music, the need for a music stand will be of high importance so better get one now.

Going digital


My sister have this upright piano for a long time however she want to go digital and look for digital piano in the market. Her reason behind this is that she can’t practice anytime she wants because it is loud and neighbors might not be too happy hearing her playing late at night, not that it sounds awful, in fact she plays really nice. Then  I told her to go research on Williams digital pianos and she might like it. Its safe to say that she can play to her heart’s content without worrying about anyone hearing her by using her headphone. Now I wonder when she’ll get her digital piano.

The Empire

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