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Restoration Plan


From time to time, I make plans on what to do and how to do it. This time, I want to restore my motorbike to its original condition and bring it back to running condition. I guess, this will be low cost alternative than to drive a gas-drunk a 2.0 SUV. As far as I know, that scooter has been stuck up for about 3 years and last time that I have I driven it, I got into an accident injuring my limbs and of course wounds on my forehead because I did not wear safety gears. Well, I swear that after I restored that bike I am going to gear up with Olympia AST 2 Jacket that will fit my riding style and of course safety.

I like this one and I am getting excited with the restoration and the gearing up as well. Riding a bike is not like driving a car because what you look like depends on what you are wearing right?

Spending time on my Porch Glider Chair


I have a lots of friends and quite a number of colleagues. Yes I enjoy their company and a night out with some of them is extremely fun however, tiring. Chatting with colleagues is enlightening as well as information just kept on coming in – false or not the feeling of having so many to talk to is inspiring. But what really strikes me the most is the need for some time alone. Being in a crowded environment is very exhausting, blending in speaking myself out and so on. The excitement to be alone for a little time is really the real deal whether I spend it out of town or just inside my room and staring at the ceiling or its four corners, a silent treatment is I think, the word for this. Well, I have my own way of being alone – or maybe just like everyone, but I do it as well on our home porch glider chair or to make it sound classy, a patio glider bench.

Being outside is different when you are enclosed inside the safe confinements of your home or office or maybe a spa to name a few. But sitting on the porch beside our closed doors brings a relaxing feeling couple it up with a coffee or reading a book just to kill some time. Being alone helps me think on some thoughts that is reserved, unlike with people around the pressure sometimes control how and what to I think. How not to be like this or that, not to act like them or by any circumstances, staying out of it is fulfilling. To cut the story short, I consider sitting on our porch as one of the best ways to unwind from a busy lifestyle. Having lots of people around us is not that bad but spending time alone is just as good as having all of them.

The Fun Won’t Stop


Have you tried entering into a casino? Or have you tried playing games inside a casino? Good news for all those who haven’t tried one bit of these so called fun games, supercasino offers all the things you need to keep your mood up. It’s your own preference of time when you want or when you just feel like playing, it gives you the freedom to choose your own time of playtime. It’s quick and so simple that everyone above 18 can play. Minors are strictly prohibited but once you’re above the legal age, you can just register and play your day away. It’s simple as that and playing is more fun than you can imagine. This is especially for those who can’t afford to go into a casino because of the lack of time that is why this is made especially for you.

Now how about playing roulette? I just thought that you might want to play this when you are sitting at your couches and watching TV because roulette tv gives you just that. You just need your TV, your desktop or laptop with an internet connection or just playing through telephone. It’s easy as that and its fulfilling that you would not mind entering in an establishment offering the same game but with lots of crowds blocking your way. At home you can just sit pretty and enjoy your luck. There is no place like home especially when entertainment is at your haven. This just means that you can play anywhere you feel like playing with just some minor requirements and you are good to go. No need to complicate things, just place your luck on the line and enjoy the fun.

Almost everybody work during daytime and what should be done during work hours are limited. Another good news for all those who are home at nine o’clock in the evening because the fun starts exactly as mentioned. After your work you can head straight home, eat dinner, take a shower, breathe in and breathe out then turn on your powerful computer and play blackjack. In supercasino, they chose the time the majority is available for playing and it’s wise to choose nine o’clock pm to three o’clock in the morning so everybody can have the freedom to play. Nothing is better than playing it live and you’ll know the results in an instant.

Harley-tized accessory


I’m planning on having my new outfit or rather; looking for something creative suits my personality today. I am thinking of some casual wear, t-shirt or polo shirt and jeans that contrast on my complexion and then accessorizing it with Harley accessories in which I think would be nice and will be acceptable to the eyes of the people around me. I always wear clothes that are comfortable for me, I don’t care if it does not look good, but as long as I feel good about it, I can manage to carry it with ease. Well for most cases, I enjoy seeing myself wearing semi fitted t shirts that obviously highlight my body for masculinity. I don’t like to wear loose t-shirts as much as possible when I go out; at home it may be ok most of the time. So that’s about it I guess, just another short description on how I prefer to dress to kill.

The Empire

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