Making your Company earn popularity with the best promotional products in the market


Being heard is next to being popular and gaining popularity is, for a company or a business is everything. Having their proud names on things that are being used, given, displayed, hung and even seen are all proofs that they are serious in making their legacy in their quest for competitive success. Using promotional products can make this all come to life as what is doing. Giving service and goods to businesses and companies who vision their names through people making their names a part of their daily lives.

Some people just want to play, some people just want to collect and display it on their collection cabinet of goods. A good example of an effective promotional products are promotional toys. aims to penetrate the the consciousness of the people and use it to promote a business or company’s name. Putting your name on a rubber ducky? Why not? You may just experience the best times of your life every time a man use your promotional company toy on their tub, and that is sweet enough so try giving away some cool toys to earn more followers, popularity and respect. Promote your name with something a man can enjoy and use appropriately.

Looking for what we consider brand new, up-to-date, functional technology and can be used for the promotion of your business? Then using’s imprinted household gadgets might help you. It is also an effective way to promote a business, to build networks and popularity by giving away or selling household gadgets with your business imprinted on it. Since every man needs to home, make them bring home your name while letting them enjoy the comforts of your household gadgets. SO if you think you are not being heard, then a good promotion is the answer, increase in consumer’s awareness may earn you major profits and trust in the future. There is no harm in promotion unless it is done in the wrong way so choose wisely from whom you will let it be handled.

StratMArk 2009: “What’s Hot? Whats Cool?” Reaction


This year’s Strategic Marketing talked about the power of the cyber world, meaning the internet as a good source of opportunities for marketers and other alternatives where students can get good opportunities like sports casting. There are lots of opportunities out there that are undiscovered by most of us though some tried and triumphed in their fields, others might just take it for granted so the speakers told their story and how they managed to be on the top of their careers. For marketing and advertising, TVC, Print, Radio are one of the most effective media to air an advertisement, but since the age of the internet has risen dramatically, advertisers and marketing professionals used the internet as one of their advertising media. Social Networking sits prove to be a good way to start advertising since people of all ages love to share their life in the internet with friends and build networks around the world.

The president of Microventures, Bam Aquino and the Vice-President of PLDT talked about What’s Cool? What’s Hot? as the theme of this year’s strategic marketing. Butch Jimenez talked about rising to the top and being recognized through positive attitude and practices. Standing out among all competitors is important so that consumers will notice it and maybe be the brand inside the consumer’s heads. Being the icon that first pops in the consumer’s head means that a brand successfully managed to penetrate the market be become respected and widely used terms in the industry.

There are lots of cool jobs out there waiting for the marketing students just like what Executive Director of Asia Pacific Film Institute and Executive Director for Talent Development of Business Processing Association told the students and listeners in the Stratmark 2009 and also mentioning the opportunities in the Business Process Outsourcing. BPO, is a form of outsourcing that involves contracting an operation and responsibilities to third-party service providers.’s Business Development Director Edward David, Friendster Country Manager Narciso Reyes and Community Manager of Yahoo Philippines Jonas Renejo delos Reyes talked about the advertising and marketing opportunities through the internet and how successful can it be with the target markets being reached properly. New Media are the new technologies developed to provide people to have an easy life and marketing professionals also use this to make their companies compete in a very innovative world. Being the new trend in the Marketing Industry, more and more companies and marketing professionals learn to embrace the fact that they should use this for advertising like posting ads, rich media and being the no.1 most searched term in the internet to produce a very good increase in sales and popularity. Internet users are consumers as well so this is a good chance for companies to keep up with the consumers. But one thing that I can’t forget is that, one of the speakers told that though internet proves to be a good way to market and advertise, we should not forget the power of TVC, print radios or the local media because certain people can only be accessible by those mentioned.

As for my personal experience, I can proudly say that I’ve been using internet to earn some cash by just being a blogger who advertises products and review them so that people can have a good idea about it just by searching the internet. Being a blogger can be hard sometimes, but as long as I enjoy writing there will always be a reason to make it worth it. Another thing, the topics I post should always be visible and accessible to others so that readers can see it clearly when my post is redirected from search engines. One technique to make sure that the topics I post will be seen by others is by Search Engine Optimization which means that choosing the right keywords can earn you the right spot in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and so on. I am glad that I became part of this year’s Strategic Marketing because I have proven what I am practicing for a year now and I also learned a lot of things just by listening to the speakers. Thanks to Philippine Junior Marketing Association, many marketing students from different colleges and universities  learned a lot about what is hotter and what is cooler in our industry.

San Beda JMA General Assembly “Breaking New Grounds”



High End Market Materials


Looking for high end materials to suit your needs? Building and construction supplies varies in different environment but with advanced global materials, any environmental problems will have no chance to ruin investments.  For example, Stainless Steel is proven to be corrosion resistant and is used for many types of constructions and applied in different environment. But if the situation does not meet the required materials, advanced global materials can give you wide variety of choices from alloy to high temperature alloys.

Strong and reliable materials can give a the best performance, satisfaction and durability for construction needs. Advanced global materials supply different establishments and constructions, from household to outerspace where every materials is required to be durable to withstand any kinds of environmental problems and unexplanable events. With advanced lobal materials, you will surely meet your goals without the the fear of losing valuable time, money and anything you can actually think of.

Why Do Stores Need Light


Everyday, we encounter different varieties of stores wherever we walk or pass by somewhere. Have you asked yourself if those stores portray a lively environment, or is it safe? or maybe can it make itself stand by what its contents are? Now, notice the lighting and think if they used the proper lighting for their stores. For me lightnings are important because:

1) It gives the customers the safest feeling because they know that they can see every spot of a store and they can browse anything they want on display.

2) It can dictate the mood of the customers. Just don’t use tricky shades of light or something that will not lit up the entire store.

3) It can attract different kinds of customers. It may even go behind your target audience.

4) Progress lighting can change the way the customers feel about your store and your products, which helps the in its proper marketing.

5) It is important to keep the lights on even if it is daytime. The lighting can sometimes be the soul of your business. So keep it open and forget about the electricity expense. *

There are countless reasons why you need to keep the lights on. But as for now, stick to the basic ones. Just remember that people can sometimes be like the unfortunate moth, it was attracted by the candle light and as the moth approaches, it got burned down. So give it to the customer, trap them in the nicest ways.

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