Handmade to goodness


Years ago I had this project. To make a diy electric guitar. Though years ago, parts can be a bit harder to find. There may be parts locally but the options are not quite good. So comes the age of internet and parts became easier and easier to find. Not inly that, reviews of certain products are also easier to find and no more guessing game for us. SO if you are looking for parts for your own project, might as well consider surfing through the online world for better grip on the parts before you make a purchase.

All-in Guitar


So you love to play acoustic but then you’d like to switch to a good sounding electric guitar? Then fender kingman may be just right for you.  It comes easy to switch from one music to another and of course, if will be most useful in any music you play. What’s good with it is that it is flexible in terms of its sound, you can be below yet you can be aggressive but most importantly, its fender and everybody knows that a fender never fails its user.

The Hard Times


I remember the time when purchasing music gears are somewhat a trial by itself. Imagine looking for your type of gear (guitar, processors etc) only to find out that the seller’s preferred mode of payment is via a meet-up and choosing for a shipping will cost a lot especially for the big items. Then there are those in retail stores where items that can be found online have rates that are not within reach. That was before, maybe 10 or more years ago and today is just simply different. Buying music equipment is just one click away from your computer and finding specific brands, models and so on is just too easy but just make sure to visit the best online instrument store you know or is trusted before making a deal. This is one of the reason that I think many people now have begun reinventing their musical influences – it is much easier to own a music instrument than a decade ago.


Music Statement


I’ve been a fan of headphones for quite sometime and even posted some headphones which I owned before. The thing I like about headphones is that it sort of look bold and screams of a statement that I love music or something like I enjoy listening to music of my genre. So what am I looking for a headphone in particular? Well it must have a good, clear bass with well-balanced mids and treble to make up for a passing grade for me which made me think of the monster over ear headphones which I think is interesting since it screams of fashion and music at the same time. For me headphones should give us an experience unlike any other just by listening with it, to our favorite tunes.

Gift from a friend


My buddy, now working in a foreign country just recently gave me his drum set as a gift. Upon asking the reason for that kind action, he told me that he is not able to use his drum set because he is working abroad and only come home from time to time to our country. Also, mentioned something about steven slate drums as his substitute drum software where he can compose beats and patterns without producing noise unlike using the actual set. At first I am clueless what that is, but I searched online and found out that it is a audio software in producing real-life drum sounds and best if used with a drum machine to create a human touch to the beats. I have this kind of software but I use it for my guitar and audio software like these can make music creation worthwhile.

The Empire

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