Musical Thought Afternoon


Been so hot here in SEA lately, and the best way I can deal with the afternoon is listen to music via local radio or streaming sites I can find. One thing I observed though, there are so many bands nowadays yet their songs are not all qualified to be a classic after a decade or so. Unlike songs from bands like guns n roses, their hits became known few decades ago and today their songs are one of the finest bands to still play in the radio today. Now that I think about it, some band’s songs are forgotten in few years time and worst, not be remembered at all. But that is just my thought, there are, of course innovative and creative artists today that will surely hit the big spot in time.

Music Finds


I constantly browse the world of internet looking for something interesting to find. Of course, from time to time I look for something useful, something that can be a great addition to my home, or something I or someone from my home use. My sister, on the other hand asked me to look for a great keyboard at guitar center, although she does not have a budget for that yet, all she need to know is the price and how it can be bought. As a brother, I helped her looked for one although reminded her that she still has to save up for her laptop to be used in college and her passion in music can be set aside for the mean time. In my opinion, being exposed daily on browsing the internet can change a person’s timely needs and because of great offers from online stores, many are in favor of changing their plans into buying something seen online because it’s much cheaper and easier to find rather than visiting local stores. But for good thing’s sake, we bookmarked the keyboard found online and maybe in a few months time she will have her laptop and keyboard. A musically inclined architecture student she is.

Missing tone


My friend asked me to help him build his set of pedals and I obliged. Though its been a while since I last played with my guitar, the rig used for certain type of music remains the same and only few additions has emerged only to enhance what is missing from past pedal predecessors. I gave him a list and made reference to one particular item that he should have and even with a little budget he can save on wampler ego at musician’s friend where even for a first time guitar player, the difference is huge. In comparisson with his first choice, a multi-effects board, analog pedals remain the top build for a rig because it solidifies the output and of course, its much more interesting to see a set of analog pedals rather than a board. I’m not sure if he bought the items in the list I’ve given him but I already saw his guitar posted on facebook and that is a good start.

Golden Cable


Few years back, I played my guitar all day given the chance. Hence, I’ve worn out some of my gears pretty often than a regular user and one of which I always replace or rebuild are my instrument cables. Little did I know that one of the key features of instrument cables is that it should at least have a gold plated jack to ensure its durability and clarity of transmitted sound. But after researching things about this info, I learned that it is important for me to choose the best cable even if priced a just a little bit than higher than those generic ones I used to have. Something like, mogami instrument cables at guitar center where durability means everything. Its worth spending one time than being stressed of having to repair or restore and eventually, buy more often. I threw my generic cables by the way, I only salvaged the jacks so I can use it in the future.

Taste of Music


I have this DJ friend and his rig is too awesome even for me to just look at. He has this and that and I don’t know what they call it for sure, but one thing I know and on a market point of view, I liked his headphones that I would like to get something like that in the future. Out of curiosity, I tried these headphones when he was playing his music and the sound is just great that my old commercial grade pieces has been literally trashed. Too bad, when buying studio headphones, prices can be quite a shock especially if like me, I just want to buy one and not the need that’s driving it. I searched studio headphones at musicians friend and found several that looks similar to the one my friend has. I want something I can use for years and not like the commercial ones, once the wiring is damaged, then so does the headphones. Now all that’s left is clicking the buy button but I need to do some thinking and review first so I can get the good one.

The Empire

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