OJT Days

Office Add-On


During my stay in MindShare, I’ve seen lot of things. Like for example, the day that we were hired for training, the office was undergoing renovation. There were boxes everywhere and lots of stuffs that seem to have no place inside the office. After some time when the renovation was about to finish, office furnitures by office furnitures arrived. One by one they were moved inside our trainee’s room and that was where the transformation begun. After the renovation was completed, the office became lively and of course organized. That point, I appreciated what an office furniture can do, as long as its proper, it will always look good.

The Wonders of Handles!


I wonder what our lives would be without handles. Imagine opening your closet without any handle, just plain old flat wooden finish, would you be able to open it? When working with machines, can you imagine yourself operating one without handles? It must be tough but I guess we should not think about that because industrial handles are present in our world and we are so used to benefiting from this wonderful creation. Now it is trivia time! handles have different categories such as; Adjustable Handles, Clamping Handles,Crank Handles, Handle Nuts, Machine Handles, Pull Handles, Swing Handles and T-Handles, all with different functions yet they are all made to make humans to handle with care! Cheers!

I am a reserve


I dont even have to go to work early because my log in form is reserved to be filled up by my workmates, just like having a vacation in Westgate eh? But sorry to say that what ive said earlier about not going to work early is a lie. I always arrive at work five to fifteen early so, that means that I am a good and responsible trainee. Well, hong can this last?

Stormy Stormy Afternoon


It has been a good week for most of us because of the rain. To some this is troublesome, but for me, its a good time to spend my day wearing my jacket and my cap. It it is cold outside, expect to be chilled inside our office so, I never forget to bring my jacket. Anyway, It has been reported that a storm is coming, I wonder how those on summer vacation will deal with it, happy or not that happy? Ooh.. I think its a great time to go on a microdermabrasion treatment is it not?

Cold Thursday Morning


Lamig!!! It’s cold today isn’t it? PArticulary here in Philamlife building or any other centralized airconditioned buildings anywhere. It’s raining all day especially yesterday wednesday and it feels unlikely summer. Imagine a cold season in the middle of the summer season, it is a WOW! Anyways, I think I better go now, I have some “benchmarking” to do here in Mindshare’s office as a trainee. Ciao!

The Empire

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