The Promise


In a few months or just less than a year me and my long time partner will be tieing the knot and what else can I give than one of joy jewelers promise rings to seal it all. So what is the good thing about this? First it is a tradition followed by different generations, as for who started it, I just don’t know. But it is a hugely accepted practice that almost everyone gone or will go through it. Second, promises with rings can be very reassuring. And lastly, our woman expect it more than anything. So what else can we guys do but to give it someway or another.

But a promise is a promise and promises will make the libes of couples a bit of a sweet adventure. Ti’ll then, got to save up for the ring

Stand out


This December is going to be a blast. No doubt about it! I’ve been in business for quite a while now and from my industry, parties are just a normal occurence. Honestly, I’ve attended more parties of clients rather than atyending my own friend’s or family’s events and that is because I’ve been dealing with events and such. Provide service for mobile bar, photobooth and lights and sounds are just things I do to name a few. with that in mind, I’ve been pre occupied this season with floods of inquiries and bookings and that made me realize that this is going to be fun. Now I wonder, what I will be doing today if I haven’t told myself to start now.

Holidays are coming, these are my thoughts!


Holidays are coming once again and honestly, we will have more expenses than we can ever imagine during this time of the year. So, what are we celebrating? It’s Christmas and days after that will be welcoming the New Year 2016. This obviously are events that we can’t escape from and for those with too many Godchildren, well, escaping is futile.

Here are some things that I will be watching out for.


Gift giving is a must.. a culture if I may add. Receiving a gift is another thing so when things do not go our ways, just give and make someone happy.


In order for us to give someone a thing or two, one must have funds because in reality, me and you need to make a purchase with our respective currencies in order to buy something and give to someone. Here comes the good part. People save money just for this time of the year but little do we know that it should not be an ordeal. My point on this – know your budget, if you have none, maybe we can just forget.


Our love ones should all be remembered. Let’s spend time with them and use this opportunity to say hello to them. We all just want to be remembered but its always better if we are the ones to initiate. Again, gifts might come in handy.


I wonder why people choose me as their child’s godparent. It started when I was 10 years of age as far as I can remember. Relatives tend to think of me being a good godparent in the future and now that I am on my 28th year, I already had more than twenty (20+) godchildren. Luck is not with me when it comes to saying no. As my circle of friends grow, so as my collection of godchild-to-be. I can’t escape this reality so I just need to escape the holidays I guess? Nah, that will be devastating for my godchildren so I came up with a plan – instead of buying them a gift which will take an awful lot of thinking on my part to mix and match their age, gender and so on. I’ll just give them a good pat on the back with a little bit of bill inside an envelope.


This is the best part – drinks, food and some good ol’ loud and raw music with friends and colleagues. Preparing a BBQ party with Neo Elements Mobile Bar is a lot of fun. Drinks are outstanding, foods are top-notch. I can’t imagine spending my Christmas without their drinks. Warning though, hangover is evident. Of course, we should be prepared as well for numerous invites by friends and relatives so lets save some energy so we can attend them all.

Well to wrap it up, thanks for reading my input and I know for a reason that we can somehow relate to those things I’ve written above. These are just thoughts I just like to document so please, don’t hate me. Cheers!

In and Out. The Wonder of a Drawer Slide


I bought a computer desk a few months ago. Complete with drawers and doors with locks for my valuables. It was sturdy, until the drawer came off after just a week or two without heavy usage. Its annoying that when the time that I was used to pulling the drawer in and out, the slide sometimes don’t budge, get stuck and worst, the whole drawer fell off. It’s annoying yet on the other hand, I thought that it was the best time to try a different slide, the best I’ve seen so far in terms of design. Not that it is visible when installed, and will be an eyepiece but more like a well-built design that I think will last longer.

So I decided to dismantle the desk drawers and installed fulterer drawer slides and in just a few tweaking and so on, got it functioning again. Its easy to tell which slides are top notch from a low-end slide which uses low-end materials. I wonder why they sell those stuffs anyway, the old slide did not even made it for a month. And so my desk is now a genuine desk with drawers which I can easy pull in and out without worrying that the things inside may all kiss the floor. Lesson learned, moving parts that are cheap, regardless of the usage will eventually break down so better make the right choice and go for a well-built parts.

Can’t sleep? Try this!


Sleeping is very important. Well, of course, everyone sleeps and that is an essential part of our life – all life to be exact. But what would you do if you can’t sleep? Some may opt to push themselves to sleep yet others choose to do something worthwhile until the last thing to do is close their eyes and sulk into the dream world. As for me, i do to the latter.

Whenever i find myself unable to sleep at night, I’ll think of something to do, maybe grab my tools and tinker my bike, sometimes i watch late night news programs, read news, an article or two, or write this entry in this blog. The thing is, If I can’t sleep, I’ll do stuffs that will help me think and act more, realign my thoughts and just reach a point where it is just too tiring that I need to sleep.

This is not lesson for anyone by the way, some do what i do and some may find it off. Experts may suggest that it is unhealthy and some may say it is good for us. Just do something productive while you are awake and sleep will soon come for us. Good night everyone!

The Empire

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