Busy Month


Hello! it has been a rough and busy month due to series of events. Clients, meeting, servicing and the likes. The stakes are high that I were not able to update this blog for a period of time. But yeah, I need to say hello once in a while. So here it is to all the netizens out there. Keep safe!

Push-button Music


When I was in high school way, way back 2002, my buddies formed a band called push-button. It was just a regular band fit for a high school music category but pride ourselves with a few talented individuals in the group. We played music during school fairs and the likes and it was so much fun and best of all, we managed to get some listeners and supporters during those times. Eventually we disbanded, regrouped and then disbanded for good. I just mentioned this because I have a few buddies who now plays music as a DJ and what is interesting is aside from their usual equipment, they now use something like a music that can be played via a push of a button, a good example is an ableton which controls music playback and programmable software based on the user’s preference. How good is that? I’ve seen it first hand and thought it was all that handy for them. That aside, having this kind of equipment is an awesome addition to make music making even more fun and exciting.

Tune Up Drive


I cleared my room the other day and found some forgotten stuffs. Just like my Ibanez art-core guitar on a hard case. It has been nearly six years since It was last brought out to light but the good thing is I loosen the strings before I put it away. That way, the body of the guitar has not been overly stressed as time gone by. That made me thought about the better days, the nights my band played our music in front of crowds of different kinds and places. I missed it and yes It made me buy a new set of strings and install it on my guitar. Well even though it has been six long years, guitar tuning for me is still a breeze, now that is something I won’t forget. I already fined tuned my two guitars and now they are sitting right above my headboard.

Marikina Robots


Last February me and my crew went Marikina to cater for an event. In an instant, as soon as our eyes laid eyes on the city proper, we were amaze by how clean the city is. We were from Cavite and Las Piñas by the way and we thought that the latter is clean enough for our eyes however, we were wrong. The sidewalks in Marikina are free from dirt and even though there are lots of people walking around the area, it seems that the city is not that overcrowded. We cruise the main road as it is the best route to get to Marikina Convention Center and as we observe, even though it is rush hour the traffic is not that heavy compared to the cities around. It is indeed a new sight to see especially when we are used to crowded places and dirty sidewalks.

After we did our setup at the second floor of the Marikina Convention Center, me and my partner decided to walk around and the venue and what we found in the field just outside the center are statues of a robot art, or whatever it is called. Cheers to the artist who did this, it’s eye catching and struck us with our own perspective on the meaning of these statue. I just love the rusty effect as it’s authentic and somewhat vintage, not to mention the materials may came from scrap metals around the area. A good way to turn trash into a huge art. I think the venue has at least three of these around the field.

How  I wish that Cavite can be as clean as Marikina is. I’m not saying this as a whole, but I wish that the local government could at least push for a more discipline-inclined projects to teach everyone a thing or two and in the long run, maybe people can change as a whole.

The Rock Thing


I wonder where my necklace selection went? When I were in my early teen years, I have all sorts of bead necklaces from different tourist spots around the Philippines. During those times I enjoy projecting as a rock star wannabe, native necklaces and wrist bands are considered a “thing” back then. I mean, when you are in a metal band during early 90’s, there were lots of iconic pieces going around and it seems pretty normal that almost every rock music enthusiasts are into them. Its a statement, and a rebellious one.

Today, I don’t’ wear them and I don’t even have one even though I thought I still have them placed on some secluded part of my storage. As I grow up, that specific statement faded away from my lifestyle. I wear simple jeans and shirt, with a wrist watch and a very thin silver necklace from my new necklace selection. This must be the grown-up style eh? Anyway, I still play rock music even though the expressive statement is gone, once you are into that, that simple rocking love to music will never fade.

The Empire

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