Going places


Traveling is fun and for most people, it is fulfillment. We live in a a world where we have the tendency to stay on one place for the rest of our lives and going places seem impossible. This might be the reason why traveling is such a great opportunity and to experience the world itself. But sometimes it is risky, like when we might encounter a travel emergency by which we can define as fortuitous. This may sound like a problem, but I think its is more like a new experience, a new hype or just a test whether we will enjoy the rest of our days.

When I go travel, I want to make sure that I am with someone special. Of course, traveling with our families is fun but traveling together with our partners is a different story. I wan to go travel to different countries and experience different cultures. I am just one of the many people who dream of going places before my life is over, and yes I want to do it with my life partner. I might as well make a list now and who knows, this dream will soon be realized.

Traveling on Wheels


Last Christmas and during the Holiday season on 2009, I did a lot of traveling. I went coast to coast with my friends and did a lot more traveling on wheels with my family. With all those trips, I developed my road safety awareness in an instant, because me being the driver for all those trips should be knowledgeable about the road and everything about it. Driving long distances can be tough, the roads are long, the nights can be frightful and not all areas where there are roads have an emergency pit stop.  What if my tire wore down, or the engine overheated in the middle of nowhere? What if my tools are not enough to fix my car? and the most fearsome problem is, what if I don’t know how to deal with it? Another question is, what if I’m driving a RV or a motorhome, can someone help me fix something this huge?

Good thing there are companies who offer their services to help aid those who are in need of assistance, just like Good Sam RV who offers motorhome towing for those who are traveling with RVs. That’s right! we can worry no more because this company is fast and excellent in their line of work. It is also true that they fix those RVs, motorhome which are in need, and it is also try that they can fix your cars as well. So there should be no need to worry about traveling now, because wherever we are there will be some folks that will give us road side assistance. With them around, going places can be quite assuring!

Reservations Here


Our world’s population is huge, and by that we are short on places to go especially when we want it alone with someone. Why not make a reservation like from Westgate and be satisfied with what they have to offer. So everything seems hopeless, but not with them. Im sure that what you want will be given by them. Just in time for a perfect Valentine’s day maybe. There will be no more need to feel a little scared when going places as long you know where to go and what awaits you there. Make a reservation now!

Tagaytay with the Twins


Last Sunday my family went to Tagaytay to visit the family of Ashley and Althea (twins). We were supposed to visit them in the morning then leave that night but was canceled due to a very cold weather where we’ve gone so lazy and decided to sleep that night away. So the best part is playing with the twins all day. Man, they are so full of energy, I mean they are unstoppable, once they start doing things they cannot be stopped and beware, if you try to, they will cry. Ha-ha!

Anyway, Ive found out that those two were closer than the past few months. They now act as if they want to share the glory of doing things. They even move in synchronization from time to time and they support one another. The best part of what they do is when we asked them to hug, they hugged one another and it is a good sight and it is very very cute. Included below are pictures of these twins ad I hope you’ll like it.

And that’s about it for now. I have tons of pictures here but I don’t know if I can upload it here soon. Anyway, it is time for me to go and rest a little. I hope these photos brighten up my viewers day. Thank you and God bless!

Vacation Rentals


My friend asked me if having a vacation will give him the time to take a rest from his busy world. He even told me that he is planning on availing Outer Banks rentals so he could be close to the beach and see the sunset from a different scenario. I told him go for it if that is what he wanted all this time and I ecen told him that when he comes back be sure to bring me some souvenir from North Carolina if he really plan on going there. I said to him, why not invest there, maybe he’ll find fortune or maybe not but his response is that the reason he will go there is to have a vacation so he’ll pass on that investment idea. Lucky guy alright.

The Empire

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