Why Do Stores Need Light


Everyday, we encounter different varieties of stores wherever we walk or pass by somewhere. Have you asked yourself if those stores portray a lively environment, or is it safe? or maybe can it make itself stand by what its contents are? Now, notice the lighting and think if they used the proper lighting for their stores. For me lightnings are important because:

1) It gives the customers the safest feeling because they know that they can see every spot of a store and they can browse anything they want on display.

2) It can dictate the mood of the customers. Just don’t use tricky shades of light or something that will not lit up the entire store.

3) It can attract different kinds of customers. It may even go behind your target audience.

4) Progress lighting can change the way the customers feel about your store and your products, which helps the in its proper marketing.

5) It is important to keep the lights on even if it is daytime. The lighting can sometimes be the soul of your business. So keep it open and forget about the electricity expense. *

There are countless reasons why you need to keep the lights on. But as for now, stick to the basic ones. Just remember that people can sometimes be like the unfortunate moth, it was attracted by the candle light and as the moth approaches, it got burned down. So give it to the customer, trap them in the nicest ways.

Small Business


Whether you are planning to have a business, even a small business would take a high capital from your part. As as to enable you to not risk much of your time and money, one way to minimize it is to have some small business loans. Therefore you will have a higher chance of success and higher chance that  your small business will live longer.

Another important thing about starting a business is you should know the steps in making one. One important thing is planning as to what type of business is needed the time you are planning it. Designing should another step as to what structures you should take. However, never ever underestimate the power of financial literacy for this will ensure that what you’ve spent in a business should cycle though your business leaving you a share of your own success. small business financing will be one way to do that to increase your capital and start earning more from the services rendered.

Remember that capital should be your basis as to what business should be established along with proper marketing strategy. A great solution to jumpstart in your business is to have a small business loan. As for those who are planning to have a small business, awareness is essential, proper knowledge and risk management are always needed.

Uploading WordPress Theme & WordPress Plugin


We’re done in configuring SmartFtp as our ftp client. What is our next step? We are going to upload our created or downloaded theme to use in our blog site.

This should be easy, just follow the instructions carefully.

1. Double click on the sign and the “+” should be “-” to see the dropdown list or expanded list of directories such as: cgi-bin, wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes.

2. We will be focusing on wp-content. here is where you will see your directories such as: plugins, themes and upload directory.

3. If you want to upload a theme, drag the folder of your chosen theme; the one that you’ve downloaded or created into the wp-content>themes folder. Or you can right click on the themes folder then choose upload and choose the folder of the selected theme. In anyways, the outcome would be the same.

4. If you plan on uploading your Wordpress plugin, this where you’ll be goin to upload it: wp-content>plugins. Drag it or upload it, it works the same. but here in plugins directory, you should only upload the excat folder with its contents in able for it to work.

We are done in uploading our wordpress theme and plugin.

The Next step will be, using the theme on our blog.

1. login to your wordpress admin area. type on your browser you.host.com/wp-admin but of course your own login information.

2. Once you have accessed your admin area and landed on your dashboard, look for the tab with Design, click on it and see your uploaded theme on the list below, click on your selected theme then visit your site to see the effect. That’s it for themes.

And Now for the Plugins part.

1. On your dashboard, look for Plugins and click on it to open the Plugins Management page.

2. You will see the a list of plugins here that includes Akismet and Hello Dolly which is available upon wordpress installation.

3. If you have already uploaded your plugins using smartftp client or ftp client, you will see the name of that plugin in the Plugins Management Table. Now it is up to you to activate or deactivate it.

*A plugin’s effect varies on what kind of plugin you will be using, just be smart in selecting your theme.*

This is the end of our tutorial.

for questions and verifications please message me here through posting a comment

or sending me an email.

For corrections about my tutorial, pls be kind and polite in correcting me. I would love to here it in an

acceptable manner.

Thanks and Happy Blogging!!

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How to Configure SmartFtp


Basically, I wrote this for my hostees so whenever they would find it hard for them to install a wordpress theme or a plugin, they could always use this as their reference.

I am using SmartFTP as my client, so i recommend them to use it as well. SmartFTP can be downloaded in download.com and search for it or directly though smartftp.com and I think I’m kind enough to put the link below, so here it is.



*if you are unsure on what to download, try using the 32bit version*


The Installation doesn’t take time, just click on the installer you’ve just downloaded and wait for it to install.

Once the Installation is finished, we can start adding your Remote Browser which is directly connected to your blogsite directories.

Here are the steps. follow this carefully:

1. Add your remote browser – Look for your menu bar and click File > New Remote Browser.

smart ftp remote browser

2. A New Remote Browser box will appear and look just like this:

new remote browser

3. Now its time to fill this up.

A) Put your host in the host textbox.

B) Login Type should be Username & Password.

C) Enter you username given by your host. ex. you@host.com

D) Enter your password given by your host. ex 12345678

E) Click Ok. It should login automatically if you have entered it all correctly. Below is a picture to of what should it look like.

filling up

4. That’s just about it! Once you’re done, we can head now to our next lesson.

Uploading Wordpress Theme & Wordpress Plugin

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