Past Time, Fast Times.


My friend tagged a photo of our band on Facebook, it was 5 years ago and we looked like a bunch of skinny high school teens. However, what turned us into writing series of comments on that photo is how people say about our music during our “musician” days. People like our music, although not everyone because we have a genre that does not fit to everyone’s preferences. Anyway, during those years as aspiring musicians, we managed to invest on some equipment both instruments and amplifiers for our mini home studio so we can play anytime without paying for studio rentals. We bought ebs amplifiers at guitar center, Ibanez and Yamaha guitars and other amplifiers for the instruments and making music is all we cared for back then until one by one, we have to face reality that we are having a big responsibility to our own families and having this kind of activity can be a very time consuming and not on the most rewarding side. Our past time changed into zero music and time flies so fast that we can only look back on some photos we had while playing good music. We still have those instruments and equipment at my place and maybe in the near future we can gather up and do some jamming.

Gone for Repair


Last week, our TV got broken and my cousin brought it to a repair shop. The television’s defect are, the remote control, the video mode and the small pop up tv or popularly known as P.I.P screen. The repair costs us 350 pesos plus 150 pesos for the new remote controller. The TV is now working and fully functional, it works just like brand new. Now I am thinking of sending my amplifier for repair so that I can play my electric guitar again without hassle.

The Empire

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