Raw Music for Guitar – Ambience and Preamps


I’ve been playing guitar since twelve years old and that being mentioned, I used lots of pedal and simulators to satisfy my ear to create good sounding music. Not to be sounding proud or anything, I just can’t find the right effects for me. Although I tried a lot, the taste and feel just kept on changing from time to time. All pedals are great but somehow, one should stand out from the rest. I mean, just like fishman effects pedals Musicians friend has one of the raw sounding out there to date. The line up is a new breed and not only that, it comes cheap for its class but really packs a punch. It can be your best mate in playing live or just home recording.

One thing I like about these pedals is its simple, sturdy looking exterior. Nobody wants to peek on any pedals circuitry anyway because that is just not right, I mean, rendering the warranty void is not bright. Well, packaging is great as well and wait until you try plugging this in on your existing setup or just a stand alone setup. This can greatly help with your playing style. It has preamp, reverb, delays, imaging guitar effects and bass octaves. The ambience these pedals create is simply awesome. Other than distortion pedals and ear bending riffs, one should not take the aura and ambience of music for granted.

Productivity Gone


Ever since our sembreak started months ago, all I did was sit in front of my desktop for a couple of hours, smoke some, drink coffee and leave the house to enjoy a drink with my friends. After that, I go home so late that I also sleep late then wake up past the afternoon. I am not being productive because the cycle is all the same. I’ve been surfing the net long enough but ever since that day came, I became lazy to browse useful stuffs which I can share using this blog or help other by my reviews and insights on certain things, I no longer do that. It’s December already and I came to realize what’s the problem, I was too busy with things that are not important and I became too occupied by those things, I know, it’s so undisciplined for a guy like me with lots of responsibilities. I lost track of my blogging, updating, and writing quality posts, I guess I’m just too tired getting up with a hangover with what happens every other night on my head.

Writing this means that I came to realize that I need to be back on track once again. I’m done with my lazy days and now I have the complete urge to gain back my productivity and by doing that, all those useful stuffs that I left a couple of months ago will surely be on my system again. I don’t want that bum life anymore so I’ll do everything to keep myself on track and be more disciplined in the way I live. Now that I have thought of that, I think I did something more productive than what I thought.. it’s to bring back my old band Burn-Off Flare back together and revive our lost songs, now that’s something else.

Anyway, I have here a link that directs to my band’s purevolume account. I hope that you guys could spare a time to listen to it and please, don’t hesitate to make a critique about our songs (though sometimes it would :D) and help us improve it.

here is the link:

Burn-Off Flare EP songs

The Empire

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