A Pill


I’m feeling very drowsy due to my cold because my sister made me catch her cold. I don’t need anything to make me sleep because just when I lie on my bed, I will fall into sleep immediately and wake up late. Getting adipex p or anything isn’t an issue. My head is aching and I just want to lie in my bed and drift off to sleep and will surely wake up very late.

Welcome to My Crib.. Baby Crib!


My cousin have a son, a very cute one. Before her baby’s birth who’s name is Gelo, he managed to buy things that are necessary for the child’s safety. Some of the things she bought for Gelo were baby crib, crib bedding, bottle sanitizer, baby clothes, and some luxuriously expensive stuffs. But who’s to blame? Gelo is her first baby which means he’s going to be spoiled sooner or later right? Gelo sure is lucky. I wish I am still a baby. gooh gooh dahdah!

The Empire

jv robles Welcome to my PAGE! keeping it simply loud and raw.
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