Cheers for Beers


The event earlier had a good start and that being said, as soon as the bazaar closed I grabbed a bottle of beer and took a time off to unwind. I just made my mind wander off a bit and thought of somethings that should be done soon as part of the advancement process of my life. That ice cold beer sure was good and it just keeps getting better. Remember I said one bottle? actually I took another one for the road. Oh,I don’t recommend drunk driving in anyway of course.

Hence, I think I need some beer brewing kits so I can learn the tool of the trade on how to produce the finest beers right inside the sweet confinements of my home. That way, I won’t be needing to hit a bar to grab the best beers in town since I have it right inside my fridge and maybe, invent my own signature and make a fortune out of it. That idea is incredibly exciting! 😀 I get to drink my favorite blend which I brewed myself! Who knows, my friends will enjoy this (but not for free) and so and and so forth.

Anyway, I am glad that I have this blog aside from spending time with a good beer simply because I can write my thoughts, let it sit for a while then review what I have written in the past. For me it is important as I can trace my maturity with regard to the way I think and write through this blog.


Cheers to everyone and for the long day tomorrow!

Keeping it slim


Yes, this is my motto but it seems like I am gaining weight.. AGAIN! I know that you all know the feeling of irritation when you feel that you are not in your usual self. Like a while ago, I rode the bus on my way home and I can’t find my best comfortable position to sleep and I found out that the problem is my beer belly. Yes! I said beer belly. six months ago as I can recall, I do not have this baggage until now. I wish I can live healthily again and that includes sleeping on time, eating on time with proper diet, stress free day and some things that can keep my metabolism in shape. Anyway I found out that Leptorexin can help us burn fats safely and it is a good news because now I could be back on my usual shape again.

Drinking Marathon Unlimited


Every Sundays, me and my friends gather at my place to drink and jam a little. drinking for the mood of our band practice helps set our minds to relax and complete the covers and compositions. I think we might as well join the wine of the month club and celebrate every month. Honestly, even though I have classes on the following day, I always spare my time with my friends because for now, that is the only time where all of us can relax to start our very busy days ahead of us. It helps, really, and everytime we do it, It seems like we are maturing on our music, again! I hope that this will continue because my new band needs to have a lot of catching up since our last gig three months ago. cheers!

Night on a Round Table


I have many friends and what if I have them all at the same time at my place, where should we gather or what special part of my home hsould I lead them. My idea is to let the most dominant and prominent guys gather around my Conference Tables for 30 persons if have have any or just let thme feel at home comportably making theirselves useful in some way. But the chance of having me invite them all over is when there is a reception, or a house party in which the only things we need are chairs, Dining Tables, liquors and cigarettes, and a dosage of laughter, that’s it basically and the food is optional anyway so there would be no major harm on my pocket.

I think it was two years ago since I have invited most of my friends in my place, but the latest was in my family’s condominium unit hwere I managed to let fifteen people share the same room in front of those Coffee Tables in a studio type room. That made me think that time that I can use this unit quite a  lot for personal agenda, but I hte the cleaning period so I’ve not thought of taking advantage out of my mom which will make me a disgrace. Cheers for beers!

Tagaytay Trip


Last night after our midterm examination on Business Finance, we planned and decided to have a drink at Balay. Its just too bad that Balay was full and was not able to let us in so we searched somewhere else just to enjoy the night. Little did we know that once were done drinking we will head straight to Tagaytay! Imagine the long drive with Rocky’s Pajero. It was a fun night for all of us, and of course there will certainly be a follow up. — I think I’ll wear Dansko shoes next time.

The Empire

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