Webhosting Birthday


October as I have said is one of my busiest months to date. Before, there are few birthday celebrants whom I knew but little did I know that everyday of my life, there will always be some one new who will be a part of my October madness. October 19, it was my new friend, MeAn’s birthday and she has the same birthday with my band mate and one of my closest friends, Jeric. Good thing, they celebrated they’re parties on a different day and I managed to come over both at their place. Some things always occur, like when someone would ask me about web hosting, that is because they know I am a freelance webmaster. Now I wonder, why is that some folks ask me every time I am drinking with them? Is it because I am easier to talk to when I’m sober? Ha-ha! Maybe? Maybe not because for me it’s like I am doing a web hosting review over and over when I have already told them about what I do. But the truth is that I enjoyed their enthusiasm about what I do and the conversation brought some sparks to the party, really.
Oh well, just another birthday on October that I would never forget because after the two straight days of nonstop drinking came my birthday and as a gift for myself, I’ve thought of writing web hosting articles but unfortunately, I failed doing so because I am a bummer especially on sembreaks. Anyway, belated happy birthday for those I know and even though I cannot express everything here on my post, I know that you knew exactly what I mean. I wish you the very best in life and always do take care. Ma you have man more birthdays to come, same to me of course! Good luck!

Present Anyone?


If you would be given a present what would you prefer? would it be cash or something that can be used, a material one? Hmm I think I prefer both! we cannot choose our gifts right? its the giver’s choice for all we know but If someone would offer me las vegas hotel reservations, might as well include some petty cash with it so I can spend it on their greatest attraction. Oh well, speaking of presents, my birthday is coming, I hope that if you guys have a gift for me, better turn it to cash alright? haha!

October is My Month


October will be a blast. This month never fails to give a good time. Imagine all the birthdays of my friends and that includes mine and Jha’s birthday, finals and sembreak, vacation and so on. My birthday will be filled with food and liquor, I think. and of course my visitors should wear party hat right? kidding. Well anyway The month of October will be a big celebration after the finals and onto vacation. I really don’t have plans wear to spend that little time off the college but We have and idea where. So hopefully everything will be great before November and before Halloween. Anyway, as for now, i’ll get my public relations done by this midnight so we could pass it on time tomorrow.

The Pre-October Plan


O.k, You can tell that I am a little excited for the upcoming sem break. I have plans and that includes my birthday on October. I’ll give myself a gift like Vegas vacations, I know its too much and that makes it impossible so i’ll just throw a party at home and invite a huge list of my friends. I wonder who would come especially if I throw it on a day like Sunday? Better think about that first or else I might end up talking with the wind but then of course that wouldn’t happen. Its September already and I think October can wait a little shorter.

Round the Clock


My Saturday yesterday became my busiest. My partnership and corporation accounting class in the morning starts at 11:00 a.m. and should be over by 2:00 p.m. but the professor  was so much in the mood that the class ended at 3:00 p.m. The class went ok and learned a lot from the first one and a half hour, then got bored on the remaining time. I just drew some pictures of my blockmates and wander my mind about Cheap Rugs until the class was dismissed. After the dismissal, I went straight back home due to an appointment with a friend who was selling her motorolla v3x.

On my way home to Cavite, I rode a coaster shuttle straight into our subdivision. I slept for more than an hour on my way home and I think I’ve dreamed of buying Area Rugs for my home. I got home at around 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. and head straight to my friend, Villy’s house so we could go to Alabang Town Center together and check the phone that my other friend, Khim was selling to us. We left at 6:00 p.m and arrive in ATC by 7:00 p.m. We waited for Khim for a while and before boredom strikes, she arrived and we are able to run major troubleshooting on her Motorolla V3x so we would know if it is still in a good shape. Minutes later Villy and I decided to purchase the phone for 4,000 php. her prefered price was 4,500 php but we managed to lower the price through some series of sales talks. Congratulations to Villy, he had just replaced his lost phone with a brand new, second hand motorolla V3X. cheers!

After the transaction, we went our separate ways because I have one last stop before Saturday ends. I head straight to Blue Wave in Macapagal to celebrate with my bandmate’s birthday whos name is Marty. By the way, Villy is another band mate of mine but were unable to come with me because of the reason that his daughter is sick that time. I arrived in blue wave at around 10:00 p.m. I found some nicely done Rugs where I can dry my shoes because the rain caught me and my shoes. The party went well, and everything is a treat of his mom. Marty have a big family, good thing they are all hospitable to anyone who went with them. Toto our vocalist was there too, so we are able to talk about our next project. There were lot of booze and foods offered to us and gladly accpted all of them from Marty’s family. One thing I like about that night is the showbands who were making the night much livelier. But the fun have to end somehow and by 2:30 a.m everyone packed up and went home.

The Empire

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