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Burn Off Flare is Back


My former band came into conclusion that we need to continue what we have started years back. Now that we are all living our lives with passion to music even more, we have decided to revive our former glory as Burn-Off Flare.

Before, we have conflicts with our schedules, it is the same as today but our dedication is more focused. I hope that this conquest will lead to something good because I believe that life is harder for us without music and we need to persevere if we need to succeed. So if anything happens, may it be that we hit the gold or not our band will continue to play and make great compositions regarding our daily lives.

Burn Off Flare is about facing the challenges of life, we live our lives individually and we have different outlook and views on certain things. But that does not matter because as much as possible we strive to make sense on things that matter to us. We make songs out of things we experience and our genre is not easy to explain but anyhow, what we create is music and that is final.Now let me introduce Burn Off Flare’s recent member lineup.

Vocals: Peter Dioneo…

LeadGuitar: JV ROBLES….

RhythmGuitar: VJ Villaran…..

Bass: Jeric Valeza….

Drums: Karsten Elima.

I recorded our first practice inside a studio but too bad that we were not complete. Our bassist was not present that time but I hope this will sound good even if it lacks the jazzy tunes.

I hope you like it, and please leave a comment its alright with you. Thanks and wish us luck. There are lots of good bands out there especially in the Philippines and we want to be one of them. This will come, I just know.

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