Need to slim down..again!


Ive been eating a lot lately, why? because my friends told me that I already lost some weight and as far as what I think is right, I need to catch up to my usual weight. But the problem is, I sometimes gain weight far beyond my usual once I start catching up. Anyway, what I need is the best appetite suppressant that will aid me in this up and down weight problem. If you want, you can try it yourself.

Detoxify Your Body


Good morning! Did you know that one way to detoxify the body is to cleanse the colon? Yes its true. By taking some medications,  supplements or pills, whatever you may call it, your body toxins will be flushed out of your system. Now what is the effect? Your body will feel rejuvenated, you may lose weight, avoid infections and avoid many other illness such as headaches and back aches.

Subliminal Features


What makes a beautiful outfit? a good choice of body jewelry is something that can turn a simple clothing to an elegant looking one. I have seen many who wore them just fine without sacrificing their looks. Of course there are some who does not know how to pick the right jewelry for them and that made them suck big time. Cheers to those who knows the word art and how to project it. keep it simple and be alluring in your own way.

Eat and Stay Slim for Women


1. Slow and steady – Fullness signals to the brain are delayed by about 20 minutes. Savoring each bite allows the brain to register the body’s satiation before becoming stuffed with food.

2. Ritual preparation and eating – “Make and bring, not buy”. Avoid processed goods and fastfood chains! Set a time and place to eat your meals while not doing anything else.

3. Water – Forget about sugar-filled, carbonated sodas. We all need to drink lots of water! Or try herbal tea and soup.

4. Portion Control – Eat anything, but in moderation.

5. Substitution and pacifiers – With the intent to eat quality meals no more than three times a day, snacks are to be avoided. But to pacify cravings, have healthy snacks on hand, such as nonfat yogurt, fresh fruit, or crackers.

6. Move – Walk a lot and enjoy lifestyle activities over a workout at the gym. (Sex is considered a “fun exercise” for them)

7. Weekend rewards – Enjoy the occasional treat. But make up for it through a lighter meal, or an extra long walk afterward.

8. Zipper syndrome – Stop stepping on your weight scale. If you no longer can zip your pants, that is the only needed indicator if your getting out of shape.

The Empire

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