Gold Digger


I’ve been staying at my place for quite a while now due to the fact that I am now running a business at the comfort of our home. One thing I enjoyed about this is that i am in control of my own time and only clients can disturb my peace. But of course there can still be quite some disturbances especially early in the morning where taho vendors will shout to sell, same goes to the kids selling vegetables but one thing I am so amused about are the traders of gold coins during the afternoon. They buy gold coins for a good amount or they even trade it with useful wares which I think is a good deal all in all. These kinds of stuffs can rarely be observed during my working days inside the office where all I can see are sky scrapers and busy street from the top of the building. The daily lives of other people around me was nothing because all that I thought of during those times is to comply and deliver to the expectations of my superiors which is one of the most basic things that anyone working would do. Good ¬†thing though, that I now own and operate a business that I love together with my life partner, from time to time, I get to experience selling gold to those traders and its worth a good deal of experience.

College Textbook and References


In college, not everything is provided by the college institution and students are required to buy their own materials if it is not available in the college library. Books are important part of college life because they act as references to lectures, research and other academic stuffs. In some cases, students cannot afford to buy books because of some extremely expensive priced books. I don’t think that is a problem anymore because sells cheap and affordable college textbooks, with it research papers can be easier to accomplish. Some say that the more books you have in your desk, the higher chance of passing college, I think with the availability of cheap and affordable college textbooks nothing can stop students from graduating. In addition to that, since they sell used books, you can also sell them your used books, great isn’t it? This is a great help for college students and a great way to learn on a cheap and affordable way.

Books Reloaded


My sister loves books! In fact, last Christmas, anyone who asks her what gift would she like to have she always answers “I want books”. I think she enjoys reading books for teens, or with a genre of teen romance novels. I can’t blame her because I am also a book enthusiast and I love reading books that will further enhance my knowledge and understanding on certain issues, any issues. I think books are good investment because they contain the authors knowledge and ideas and they wrote it because they want to share something to the world. There things that we can find useful from books, it does not mean that we have to do everything by the book, but rather use the idea, apply the concept and find your own way to do things.

Sale Galore


The last I went to a mall, it was last week and luckily I found a good way to spend my money for less. I am lucky because I only have small budget and yet the mall is offering a mall-wide sale of 20-50% off. I managed to buy few items and some items which I did not intentionally planned to buy. Just like the sale in the internet or like, where people can really enjoy the benefits of spending more for anything less.

Perfect Buddy: PDA


You know what is the perfect buddy for you especially at this time of our life? I know one and i suggest using PDAs to help users find meaning to everything around them. Pdas are not only user friendly but It has a unmatched technical support for almost everything may it be cyber or in the real time. Right now I am planning to buy a new pda, because mine was some few years old and it was outdated so I have no choice but to upgrade right?

The Empire

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