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Last Saturday morning, me and my younger, I sister went to our community cemetery for a jogging. We ran several kilometers and ran a little more after our second lap. It felt great because it has been so long since I perspired that much. I missed being sporty, I miss working out even though I do muscular routines, I still prefer cardio workout. But back to the story, since it has been a long time that I did a cardio workout, running for me became a problem that day. During my sprint I told myself that if only I’ve bought those trustworthy weight loss pills before then may be I shouldn’t be running here today. Anyway, I want some weight loss pills but I’ll give it to my mom since her knees are not in good condition and I trust that weight loss pills can help her out in the safest way. Next stop! another Saturday morning full of running and sprinting for me and my sister.

Exercise Machine


Every time I go to the gym, I always look forward on working out with the treadmill. I find treadmills to be very challenging and relaxing especially when we talk about our cardiovascular health. For me, treadmills can give me a complete cardio workout without making me over fatigue and its good in keeping us in shape. I love running fast and I enjoy walking long miles in a treadmill. I also want to bring home a treadmill instead of going to the gym. I have one in our home but I guess I just enjoy high end treadmills from time to time so I might check some shop and maybe I can find a good deal from them.

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