Letting Go


The reality for me is that, that time was right and will soon be finding out the consequences of my decision or should I say, choice. Last month I filed a resignation from my current job and time is ticking near before the effective date. Some say I made a bad choice, some say it is just worth it, but for me it is the decision that made me know more about myself. It did not matter that time if I made the right choice or not, what matters is the way I was able to let go of the security for my own personal reasons. I love my importance and role in that company, I love most things about it but the more I learn of the disparity on job and career the more I doubted my outlook.  Letting go is a hard thing to do, it really is, but sometimes it is better to move away from something unbecoming than fall in line to  somethings you know can’t afford your own self.

Career Hunting


After my batch graduated, we planned on searching and landing a good career. Of course we don’t think that this will be easy. We have our own dreams and there are so many ways to achieve it and that includes the hardships. My friend who was so eager to get a job searched the first few days after our graduation for a sales job search yet I don’t know if he made it but with his skills and talent I think he will. As for me, I am trying to look for a good and innovating career for my own personal development.

Post-Graduate Plan


What should I do after I have finished college? maybe spend little time to rest then look for a job or perhaps, a career. There are so many jobs out there, I wonder where and what company would I be employed? In any case, I have to work hard and hopefully climb-up the corporate ladder in the future. I have so many plans but I wonder where should I start?

Managing Your Weight!


It’s a new year for ll of us and most of us is looking forward in changing what has been practiced for a long time. Some decided to stop their vices, some promised to work hard and to for some, they want to change their appearance by going on a weight management. There different methods of weight management but what intrigues me most is the method by which herbs are being used just like Herbalife. It makes individuals give importance to herbs and the benefits that they can  give, plus, its cheaper than pills. Those guys that are using this method are promised to have a healthier life and brighter tomorrow in terms of weight and of course, health.

All over the world, different cultures and people cultivate herbs. Herbs are being used around the world for countless purposes and may be that is why people trust this method – it’s because almost everyone knows what herbs can do. As for those people who wants to maintain their weight, or maybe manage it well, I guess Herbalife can be your life long partner in terms of weight management and opportunities to earn, and just like some guys would confess to the world for finding a better path because of Oportunidad de Negocio de Herbalife.

Health Benefits


I can’t wait to graduate from college, and soon, I will be on my own way looking for a job or perhaps – a career. I need to find one fast but that doesn’t mean I will accept anyone who offers first. My brother told me that it is important to have some benefits from companies that I will be working for and one of his concerns is about health benefits. It is true with what others say so I better find one right?

Anyway, one day when me and my friends went in a convention on disability awareness, we came across people with disabilities. One thing I noticed is that – some are smiling though the convention has not yet started. I asked one of them why? he grinned at me as if he is so proud of what he is about to say. He told me that he is happy because he has been receiving a decent amount of blessings since the day he started with social security disability. Now that was promising, I did not expect that he will say that to a stranger and in addition to that he told me that Allsup has now helped more than 130,000 people. So what I did was smiled back at him and left with satisfaction from his answer which kept me preoccupied for the rest of the convention. After that I realized that our health is really a big factor for our own personal accomplishments.

The Empire

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