Marikina Robots


Last February me and my crew went Marikina to cater for an event. In an instant, as soon as our eyes laid eyes on the city proper, we were amaze by how clean the city is. We were from Cavite and Las Piñas by the way and we thought that the latter is clean enough for our eyes however, we were wrong. The sidewalks in Marikina are free from dirt and even though there are lots of people walking around the area, it seems that the city is not that overcrowded. We cruise the main road as it is the best route to get to Marikina Convention Center and as we observe, even though it is rush hour the traffic is not that heavy compared to the cities around. It is indeed a new sight to see especially when we are used to crowded places and dirty sidewalks.

After we did our setup at the second floor of the Marikina Convention Center, me and my partner decided to walk around and the venue and what we found in the field just outside the center are statues of a robot art, or whatever it is called. Cheers to the artist who did this, it’s eye catching and struck us with our own perspective on the meaning of these statue. I just love the rusty effect as it’s authentic and somewhat vintage, not to mention the materials may came from scrap metals around the area. A good way to turn trash into a huge art. I think the venue has at least three of these around the field.

How  I wish that Cavite can be as clean as Marikina is. I’m not saying this as a whole, but I wish that the local government could at least push for a more discipline-inclined projects to teach everyone a thing or two and in the long run, maybe people can change as a whole.

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Typhoon night


11:00 PM – The typhoon is gearing up. The worst part is its night time and who knows what will happen to those without stone walls or sturdy roofs. Anyway, I wish everyone’s safety tonight. To those who are on the road working or driving or just cant get out the road because no home is waiting for them, be safe. Good night everyone! Remember that inspite the danger of the upcoming typhoon, cuddling is best when its raining. Lol :-)

11:05 PM – Holy smoke, the power shut down in the neighborhood and I am sure te next few hours will be so boring. Not to mention that my phone was not charged beforehand and will not be able to play some games to kill some time. Oh hell, this is life. I’ll be playing with the candle for now. Ciao!

Productivity Gone


Ever since our sembreak started months ago, all I did was sit in front of my desktop for a couple of hours, smoke some, drink coffee and leave the house to enjoy a drink with my friends. After that, I go home so late that I also sleep late then wake up past the afternoon. I am not being productive because the cycle is all the same. I’ve been surfing the net long enough but ever since that day came, I became lazy to browse useful stuffs which I can share using this blog or help other by my reviews and insights on certain things, I no longer do that. It’s December already and I came to realize what’s the problem, I was too busy with things that are not important and I became too occupied by those things, I know, it’s so undisciplined for a guy like me with lots of responsibilities. I lost track of my blogging, updating, and writing quality posts, I guess I’m just too tired getting up with a hangover with what happens every other night on my head.

Writing this means that I came to realize that I need to be back on track once again. I’m done with my lazy days and now I have the complete urge to gain back my productivity and by doing that, all those useful stuffs that I left a couple of months ago will surely be on my system again. I don’t want that bum life anymore so I’ll do everything to keep myself on track and be more disciplined in the way I live. Now that I have thought of that, I think I did something more productive than what I thought.. it’s to bring back my old band Burn-Off Flare back together and revive our lost songs, now that’s something else.

Anyway, I have here a link that directs to my band’s purevolume account. I hope that you guys could spare a time to listen to it and please, don’t hesitate to make a critique about our songs (though sometimes it would :D) and help us improve it.

here is the link:

Burn-Off Flare EP songs

The Empire

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