Gearing up the Office


In just a few months I’ll be graduating from San Beda College then try to find my self a career. Of course If I would be hired and be placed inside an office, I would definitely love it if that office have complete set of office furniture.  Now that Ive thought of it, working can really be a new experience for me aside from my practicum days, I mean I’ll have my own fixed income sooner or later. I just hope that I’ll graduate this coming March of 2010.

Another Weight Loss Problem?


I began gaining more weight for the past six months and I can’t seem to control gaining more. I don’t eat to much, I have plenty of exercises but maybe its just the age and my lifestyle that is affecting these changes. I found something interesting last time that I checked the internet, its about phentermine, a weight loss product that helps, of course, gives great results in losing weight. I have read some of their reviews and I found out that exercise alone can’t give us great results but with the help of this weight loss pill, your expectations upon losing weight will be more than just a hearsay.

I don’t want LCD TV, I need it!


Few years back, any CRT or tube television is fine as long as it is as big as your sofa then it will be considered high end. Today, space management was used to create something more powerful without sacrificing your space at home. Before i just feel that I don’t need LCD TV but now that almost everyone is buying it then my mind made a decision that it should buy one, honestly I just can’t afford it. Thanks some sources I was able to take a glimpse of these valuables and one thing I notice about that shop’s LCD tvs prices are not that bad. Anyway, good thing I have one right now but it’s just a monitor for my desktop pc, I hope in the near future I will be able to buy one and put it on my wall.

The Empire

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