Holidays are coming, these are my thoughts!


Holidays are coming once again and honestly, we will have more expenses than we can ever imagine during this time of the year. So, what are we celebrating? It’s Christmas and days after that will be welcoming the New Year 2016. This obviously are events that we can’t escape from and for those with too many Godchildren, well, escaping is futile.

Here are some things that I will be watching out for.


Gift giving is a must.. a culture if I may add. Receiving a gift is another thing so when things do not go our ways, just give and make someone happy.


In order for us to give someone a thing or two, one must have funds because in reality, me and you need to make a purchase with our respective currencies in order to buy something and give to someone. Here comes the good part. People save money just for this time of the year but little do we know that it should not be an ordeal. My point on this – know your budget, if you have none, maybe we can just forget.


Our love ones should all be remembered. Let’s spend time with them and use this opportunity to say hello to them. We all just want to be remembered but its always better if we are the ones to initiate. Again, gifts might come in handy.


I wonder why people choose me as their child’s godparent. It started when I was 10 years of age as far as I can remember. Relatives tend to think of me being a good godparent in the future and now that I am on my 28th year, I already had more than twenty (20+) godchildren. Luck is not with me when it comes to saying no. As my circle of friends grow, so as my collection of godchild-to-be. I can’t escape this reality so I just need to escape the holidays I guess? Nah, that will be devastating for my godchildren so I came up with a plan – instead of buying them a gift which will take an awful lot of thinking on my part to mix and match their age, gender and so on. I’ll just give them a good pat on the back with a little bit of bill inside an envelope.


This is the best part – drinks, food and some good ol’ loud and raw music with friends and colleagues. Preparing a BBQ party with Neo Elements Mobile Bar is a lot of fun. Drinks are outstanding, foods are top-notch. I can’t imagine spending my Christmas without their drinks. Warning though, hangover is evident. Of course, we should be prepared as well for numerous invites by friends and relatives so lets save some energy so we can attend them all.

Well to wrap it up, thanks for reading my input and I know for a reason that we can somehow relate to those things I’ve written above. These are just thoughts I just like to document so please, don’t hate me. Cheers!

Christmas Chime


Its the season of giving and here in the Philippines, its a good season for kids who loves to go house to house to sing their Christmas carols in exchange for some tokens in the form of money. They use several instruments and one of the most famous instruments they use is a tambourine, however only few uses exceptional tambourine due to lack of budget or some resort to using improvised tambourines to accompany their songs. It is fun seeing these kids sing and smile and thank you for every token given to them. It is indeed a good indication that Christmas is coming whenever I hear their tambourines from far away.

Traveling on Wheels


Last Christmas and during the Holiday season on 2009, I did a lot of traveling. I went coast to coast with my friends and did a lot more traveling on wheels with my family. With all those trips, I developed my road safety awareness in an instant, because me being the driver for all those trips should be knowledgeable about the road and everything about it. Driving long distances can be tough, the roads are long, the nights can be frightful and not all areas where there are roads have an emergency pit stop.  What if my tire wore down, or the engine overheated in the middle of nowhere? What if my tools are not enough to fix my car? and the most fearsome problem is, what if I don’t know how to deal with it? Another question is, what if I’m driving a RV or a motorhome, can someone help me fix something this huge?

Good thing there are companies who offer their services to help aid those who are in need of assistance, just like Good Sam RV who offers motorhome towing for those who are traveling with RVs. That’s right! we can worry no more because this company is fast and excellent in their line of work. It is also true that they fix those RVs, motorhome which are in need, and it is also try that they can fix your cars as well. So there should be no need to worry about traveling now, because wherever we are there will be some folks that will give us road side assistance. With them around, going places can be quite assuring!

Pre-Christmas Grocery Shopping


It has been a very tiring day for me and my mom because we went shopping for groceries days before Christmas. The Grocery store was packed with shoppers and the lines are excruciatingly long, its was hard to move around but the good part is we found everything we need on a one-stop shopping basis that means less hassle for us. Another thing that I admire is that the development of POS systems years and years ago, what if it was not invented? What if those barcode scanners are not used? How long would it take to cash out of the grocery and how long would it take for a transaction to be managed? Calculator, pen and paper would do just fine but it is not enough to efficiently be used for a transaction especially in a busy crowd where everyone is waiting to cash out.

Anyway, we had fun shopping for groceries because everything went out smoothly as planned and budgeted. The prices? good. there are little changes to prices of groceries and it can not be felt in an instant. Now that we are happy for what we have stocked for Christmas, the next thing we will do is to celebrate with my family and make it even more fun for all. Have a Happy Holidays!!

Atlast, Christmas has ended!


Whew! I grew tired of 2008’s Christmas vacation. It is because Ive spent so much money on buying gifts and vices. Now it is time for me to save what I should save, my money and my soon to be career that I don’t know yet. Anyway, since the vacation has ended and holidays seems holidays are not yet around, what I should be doing now is concentrate on the upcoming midterm examinations. I think I need to get my grades up again because during the last half of this semester, that was last year, I had many absences and I need to catch up and I intend to do it NOW! or tomorrow…or the next day but not next week. Ha-ha! I need a good foundation and it should be the strongest one like from the steel buildings.

The Empire

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