Last Christmas as a Student


My last Christmas as a student will finally come to life. Me and my block planned this years ago but unfortunately all those planning only materialized during this semester which is our last one as a student. We will all go to my place in Batangas and I expect  to be fun and full of moments that we will all treasure forever. I wish after this graduation we can still all go to a vacation, all of us together on trips like Manhattan vacations or something grand like that. Anyway, everything will come to an end on certain points but we will all make it worth something as an ender.

From San Beda to Ascott


I went to Ascott a while ago to meet Jha and drop her home. It was the best part of my day. But before I ended up with that best part I started my day with a series of practices with my guitar. I woke up past ten o’clock in the morning, I switch on my PC and plugged my guitar to my amplifier and started playing. By the time I finish, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon and I better get my body on the move to go to my class.

The traffic was heavy, so as the rain. Its a good thing I wore jacket and brought umbrella with me, if not, my business attire will just go to waste the time I arrive in San Beda. As I have said earlier the traffic was so slow that my normal walk can get me to school in about thirty minutes (of course its exaggerated!). I was nervous that I might miss my first class (well, not really, its not on my list of favorites) but luckily the professor is as lazy as I am and he did not showed up. The next class is Oblicon, this one is one of my favorite classes to date. Don’t blame me because it is math-free up to now. Then after the class ended at nine o’clock pm I went to Makati to go and meet up with Jha. Thanks for my friend Jr for giving me a ride and thanks for the fat lady I saw a while ago who I think needs the best weight loss pills in the world so she can slim down to her maximum potential for giving me  a huge laugh. Oh well, I think that should wrap-up my day. Its good night and good morning time to all. Ciao!

Time is important


For me one of the most important factors of our life is time. Why? because time dictates our future actions just by applying what have we done from the past or the present. But the essence of this post is to tell you guys that time for me is really important because the next time I go to class late I am sure to have something in store for me. I am a candidate for a drop lister due to absences and tardiness so I need to follow the time from now on until the end of the semester. Ha-ha! Speaking of time, I might also need new Luminox watches so I can track my time little by little with style.

Atlast, Christmas has ended!


Whew! I grew tired of 2008’s Christmas vacation. It is because Ive spent so much money on buying gifts and vices. Now it is time for me to save what I should save, my money and my soon to be career that I don’t know yet. Anyway, since the vacation has ended and holidays seems holidays are not yet around, what I should be doing now is concentrate on the upcoming midterm examinations. I think I need to get my grades up again because during the last half of this semester, that was last year, I had many absences and I need to catch up and I intend to do it NOW! or tomorrow…or the next day but not next week. Ha-ha! I need a good foundation and it should be the strongest one like from the steel buildings.

Saturday Class


Hi and good morning to everyone! today will be my first Saturday class and honestly I am not excited. Why? we have two courses today that stands stands for three hours each. So my Bedan stay for this day will be six and a half straight eyes including the 30 minutes break in between. I cannot afford to accumulate three absences because it is a once a week class so attendance is a must. One absence is equals to two absences just like in any other colleges or universities.

I’ll have my first class in Marketing and Corporate Communications: E-Commerce/Internet Marketing at (11:00am) eleven o’clock am and after that we will be having our break at 2:00 pm to 2:30pm then our class on Management Accounting will resume and end at (5:30pm) five thirty pm. I just wish that our professors are present today, you know, even professors has the habit of not attending their classes on the first meeting. Anyway since I have classes to attend to, I’ll end my entry with a good greeting for all the workers and students for Saturday. As soon as you wake up, breathe deeply, stretch a while and pray thanking the creator for having another day. During your stay on the work place, smile and be polite to everyone just to make sure to have a good out bringing someday. Very well then, good luck and good morning! time to hit the road on a Saturday morning! Ciao!

The Empire

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