Last Christmas as a Student


My last Christmas as a student will finally come to life. Me and my block planned this years ago but unfortunately all those planning only materialized during this semester which is our last one as a student. We will all go to my place in Batangas and I expect  to be fun and full of moments that we will all treasure forever. I wish after this graduation we can still all go to a vacation, all of us together on trips like Manhattan vacations or something grand like that. Anyway, everything will come to an end on certain points but we will all make it worth something as an ender.

Gearing up the Office


In just a few months I’ll be graduating from San Beda College then try to find my self a career. Of course If I would be hired and be placed inside an office, I would definitely love it if that office have complete set of office furniture.  Now that Ive thought of it, working can really be a new experience for me aside from my practicum days, I mean I’ll have my own fixed income sooner or later. I just hope that I’ll graduate this coming March of 2010.

Lewis University: IT Security


The world today is engaging in the most innovative technology of our time, and that is the use of internet. Humans have learned ways to make use of the internet and many became professionals through it. Lewis University to be exact, made IT security a profession and what I think about what they have done is, I firmly believed that the cyber world needs IT security as much as we need security in the real world. with the global use of the cyber world, information are being transferred in a speed that cannot be matched. With a kind of speed the cyber world, our privacy may suffer, but with information security professionals, they help make the cyber world a safer place for us all. To give us an insight on what course Lewis University has for Information Security, let me name these two, Managerial Concentration and Technical Concentration. Now are you ready to have a degree like Masters of Science in Information Security? You better be.

Time is important


For me one of the most important factors of our life is time. Why? because time dictates our future actions just by applying what have we done from the past or the present. But the essence of this post is to tell you guys that time for me is really important because the next time I go to class late I am sure to have something in store for me. I am a candidate for a drop lister due to absences and tardiness so I need to follow the time from now on until the end of the semester. Ha-ha! Speaking of time, I might also need new Luminox watches so I can track my time little by little with style.

Hassle Free School


Whew! Honestly I enjoyed every single day during the last Christmas vacation but after that when all classes has resumed it felt uncomfortable knowing that midterms is due next week. I hate it when I know that I still have not completed most of my requirements to pass the midterms. I wish that I could just go to some online schools and have it my way. To have a free time, hassle free travel from home to school and vice versa, and every comfortable things I can imagine. I know for sure that getting my degree online can be a real deal just like getting it from the local schools. But of course if I would be given the chance to choose I would rather go and get my online college major and maybe, just maybe it will be easier for me. Now that I’ve thought of it, what if after my graduation I enrolled to an online school, would it be real good? Well, as what some of friends told me they learned a lot from it and it may be one of the best alternative to some of the students especially for those who are disabled but take note that it is a school for everybody. Anyway, I think I should consider going browsing some onlineschools just to get some information. Good luck for midterm exams!

The Empire

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