wishing for a room vent and a good amount of sunlight


I wish I have a room specially made for home recording. What I have now is a room with concrete walls with poor ventilation. That being mentioned, I just did some tweaking in my room to make it sound proof and yet a little ventilated so recording music can be comfortable. It is not enough though, the music is good but not that comfortable as I have expected. I think I need a more systematic ventilation and of course a good window for the air to come in and out to the vents, adding this up is a whole week of work. As for the window, I need a well made and beautifully designed swags to make the room alluring in a way that it will be good in he eyes. I think this one will be sited for the design.

What’s left for me now is to make this happen. Anyway, I did this before so installing another one will be better. I just realized that whatever room I stay with should be comfortable just like all of us wanted. A well natural lighted room with good airflow is more than enough to do the deed especially if the room should be multi-purpose room like a bedroom and a recording studio. After all, friends will drop by and I don’t want us to suffer a suffocating feeling which will greatly affect the musical ideas.

The Empire

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