The Curiosity


Ever wonder what’s with all the pop displays all about on you window? If curiosity can wound you, you’d be probably wounded. Those are advertisements but most of the time, are spams because they contain a lot of virus. So, don’t just click and click. Be alert and don’t let it cause you a lot of money calling a computer technician just to remove the contagious virus.

Mounting Valuables


Last time I renovated my room, I bought some useful stuffs like rack mounts and hangers. I made my room space efficient and mounting was the best way I came up with. Because my room is so small, I needed some work to make it look and have a feel of being big. I love fixing my room especially when it comes to trying different ways to make it look good but one thing I always and will always like is my guitar collection mmounted on the wall and some other collections displayed on a rack mount.

The Empire

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