Crystal Light On The Go!


If you come across this page, then you are looking for crystal light here. So what is it? I thought when I first heard it that it sounds really awesome and in fact it truly is. I’ve been mixing drinks for quite a while now and this crystal light powdered drinks became quite my taste. In my case, it is very convenient for me on any way I can think of because of my busy schedule, drinking and eating became a little bit tight. Not only that it tastes really good, I can have all the energy I need to do stuffs and I mean MANY STUFFS!

Of course I love cold water but from time to time I love drinking juices by crystal light powdered drinks and energy packs. I gave my partner one pack of these and she got all hyped up to the point that she is wanting more. TYoo bad that I only keep reserve for myself in case I run out of supplies. He-he!

Nothing beats sitting outside while drinking coffee anytime of the day!


I love parties, I enjoy hanging out with friends, I can survive staying up late at night but nothing can beat the feeling of sitting outside while drinking my cup of coffee just waiting for time to move even just a little bit. Pair it up with the most comfortable outdoor chairs in the market and voila! everything will be picture perfect. Why outdoor chairs? because the most valuable feeling you can have is sitting outside your home to escape the busy life our community have given us so let outdoor chairs take you to your place alone or with some friends. Try it and I’m sure you’ll be 100% complete as long as you pair it up with your outdoor chair.

Heavy Coastal Traffic


It’s been two days straight since I encountered a very heavy traffic. I think it was about ten kilometers or more and the flow of traffic was either stop or at a turtle speed. What is wrong with southbound cavite and las pinas? It was a very boring trip, good thing I bought my Ipod with me and a skull candy headphone for surround sound, I also watched Eagle Eye while I was waiting for a good flow. I even slept for about thirty minutes and guess what, I dreamed of a set of tv stands waiting to greet me at home, it was all very beautiful and seem strong as well. The trip lasted for about 2 and a half hours and due to that unknown traffic incident I went straight to my friend’s new place and had a drink with some buddies. It lasted about an hour ago. I just wish that the heavy traffic will not take place tomorrow.

After Oblicon Comes my Place


Last night, after my class in oblicon I went straight home to find out that I will be drinking with my friends on our house. It was Tuesday night and I am free the next day so I don’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning. While we are drinking, we talked about certain things like money, surveys (the one about which is which) debt consolidation, music, computers, our band and naruto, (Ha-ha!) while we are drinking gran matador. That drink was meant to be another bonding between band mates and most importantly it was meant for a relaxation. I had a tiring week and so as my friends that is why we have decided to drink that night away. Then, while we are talking about money, we suddenly started shifting our focus to another sub topic which is about medical debt consolidation and ended up still clueless and tipsy. Anyway, there are lots of questions that are unanswerable so we shifted to surveys which we see on newspapers and other important websites. Nothing important but ended up screwing the surveys and misleading the information, maybe its a product of alcohol? He then told me about his plans for 2009 and one of it is to invest and buy their own house as we all know that high amount of money is being spent on paying rent alone, it is a good thing to avoid rental debt and high interests. All in all minus the hangover, I had a great time!

Drinking Marathon Unlimited


Every Sundays, me and my friends gather at my place to drink and jam a little. drinking for the mood of our band practice helps set our minds to relax and complete the covers and compositions. I think we might as well join the wine of the month club and celebrate every month. Honestly, even though I have classes on the following day, I always spare my time with my friends because for now, that is the only time where all of us can relax to start our very busy days ahead of us. It helps, really, and everytime we do it, It seems like we are maturing on our music, again! I hope that this will continue because my new band needs to have a lot of catching up since our last gig three months ago. cheers!

The Empire

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