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Webhosting Birthday


October as I have said is one of my busiest months to date. Before, there are few birthday celebrants whom I knew but little did I know that everyday of my life, there will always be some one new who will be a part of my October madness. October 19, it was my new friend, MeAn’s birthday and she has the same birthday with my band mate and one of my closest friends, Jeric. Good thing, they celebrated they’re parties on a different day and I managed to come over both at their place. Some things always occur, like when someone would ask me about web hosting, that is because they know I am a freelance webmaster. Now I wonder, why is that some folks ask me every time I am drinking with them? Is it because I am easier to talk to when I’m sober? Ha-ha! Maybe? Maybe not because for me it’s like I am doing a web hosting review over and over when I have already told them about what I do. But the truth is that I enjoyed their enthusiasm about what I do and the conversation brought some sparks to the party, really.
Oh well, just another birthday on October that I would never forget because after the two straight days of nonstop drinking came my birthday and as a gift for myself, I’ve thought of writing web hosting articles but unfortunately, I failed doing so because I am a bummer especially on sembreaks. Anyway, belated happy birthday for those I know and even though I cannot express everything here on my post, I know that you knew exactly what I mean. I wish you the very best in life and always do take care. Ma you have man more birthdays to come, same to me of course! Good luck!

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