So It Is


People are thinking so hard with what is going around their surroundings. Like, thinking about the meanings of each word, differin, and other things that would cross their minds. So into what might happen next to them, seeking answers that will surprise them that it’s not at all that big of a deal. But, at least they learned something new and something that might help them in the future.

Summer is Coming again!


Summer is coming again, but unfortunately I’ll be spending my summer as an intern student.  I wish that I could spend it like the old days but this only means that I am on my way to graduation at last! Just one year to go, but first I have to finish my internship before I can really celebrate it. I have another thing I like to do, I like to see a crape myrtle and maybe I can get one ofr my home. It must really be a great achievement for me to have some sort of flowers at my home and by then I can proudly shout that I love the environment!

The Empire

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