Fitness Plan


Everyday I tell myself that I need to go to the gym, I always fail to convince myself. It’s not that I don’t want to but the biggest challenge for me is deciding on going to one. I love working out, I love sweating myself out and it feels fulfilling but the sad thing is I don’t have the time and that is the problem. In order for me to enjoy working out, I think I need to invest on quality fitness equipment so that going distance will no longer be a problem. I wonder when that time will come?

Dota Allstar: Magnataur Guide


It’s not really a guide, It is something that I have equipped Magnataur the las time I played.

Here are the list of what I think is effective in bullying opponents especially in an earlier game.

Arcane Ring (gives you extra boost in mana and clicking on it will give you additional mana)

Bracer (early game requirement)

Power Treads

Battle Fury (you need this to farm, but many prefers not to buy this because Magnataur already have a Splash damage, your choice)

Assault Cuirass

or Vanguard and Radiance

I don’t know if it qualifies to your style of playing, but as I’ve said, bullying is fun in early game. with Arcane ring and perseverance, may seem to have unlimited mana so you can always use your skills like Magnataur’s wave so there would be a long range attack that is surely devastating.

The Empire

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