My friend got thin


My friend got thinner the last time I saw him. I asked him how and he told me that he took the best diet pill availbale on the market. That made me realize how effective diet pills are. With a little perseverance in working out and breaking up a sweat plus pills that can make you lose weight, your body can be greater than ever. But really, I never thought that he’d lose almosst 30 pounds because of that. I ennvy his patience because If I were to do that, maybe in the middle of my dieting stage, I would lose focus and start gaining weight again. Again, it must be a matter of self control and the wil to lose weight. Wow!

Down 5 Pounds!


Whew! After two weeks I managed to lose five pounds! What a great thing eh? I started taking my disciplinary act every time I eat and started having some exercises before going out and before going to school. I wish I can do better because I want my weight back and I need it soon. It feels uncomfortable with my additional 15 pounds before. Now with my five pounds gone, It motivated me to continue my diet. I think it will be better if I take the best weight loss pill then in no time, my weight will be back to its former self. I just wish.

Getting Fit Through Ellipticals


I’ve been thinking for a long time if I should get myself an elliptical for me to maintain my body. It doesn’t have to be expensive but I wanted an exercise machine with a complete set of programs. I’ve been browsing the web on where I could find one. So far I found as many sites as i was able to but the problme is the delivery I think. Its good to have a nearby sports shop here in our place but it is too expensive. I think i’ll stick with my oldschool bench set for now until I find the best that can be offered.

The Empire

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