Pre-Christmas Grocery Shopping


It has been a very tiring day for me and my mom because we went shopping for groceries days before Christmas. The Grocery store was packed with shoppers and the lines are excruciatingly long, its was hard to move around but the good part is we found everything we need on a one-stop shopping basis that means less hassle for us. Another thing that I admire is that the development of POS systems years and years ago, what if it was not invented? What if those barcode scanners are not used? How long would it take to cash out of the grocery and how long would it take for a transaction to be managed? Calculator, pen and paper would do just fine but it is not enough to efficiently be used for a transaction especially in a busy crowd where everyone is waiting to cash out.

Anyway, we had fun shopping for groceries because everything went out smoothly as planned and budgeted. The prices? good. there are little changes to prices of groceries and it can not be felt in an instant. Now that we are happy for what we have stocked for Christmas, the next thing we will do is to celebrate with my family and make it even more fun for all. Have a Happy Holidays!!

Leisure in Beach Vacations


Going to the beach with my family or even friends is  great way to spend our vacations. I have tons of experiences on a beach with them and nothing is not worth a memory to remember. There is is one thing that I would like to do before the year ends and that is to go to myrtle beach vacation rentals with my family and of course with my beloved Justice. Going to the beach can take away my problems and can make me feel free from all the burdens that I carry when I am on my hometown. I don’t know, I think there is this feeling of freedom when I am in the beach, imagine the air, the shores and the water around it, isn’t it relaxing knowing that you are are there experiencing it all at the same time? Anyway, I want to go there now you who’s with me?

Your Health is your Wealth


Trying to find your lead in life? Why not start in your own health insurance lead before continuing with what you are engaged in. Because life is much safer with your health insured and because your health is your wealth, this will come useful in your everyday activities. Being healthy is not always cheap, it can cost you much money than you think but with your health insured money will become your friend and you can be free from worrying too much. Life is uncertain, but it will only be that way if you will not prepare for the worst so take action and start with your health insurance leads.

Going Abroad!


My uncle’s stay here in Philippines is about to end. He is flying back abroad to resume his career there and I think, his flight will be next week. Yeah, his 45 days stay here will end in just a few short days and we need to give him souvenirs so that he’ll be happy working there everytime we sees some souvenirs we would pack for him. Anyway, since Samsonite luggage is really awesome, I think anything he will carry with him will be compatible with Samsonite, its durable and its simply amazing. Well, it is better if we could enjoy his days here since the next time he’ll be with us is next year, on MY GRADUATION! hooray!

Tagaytay with the Twins


Last Sunday my family went to Tagaytay to visit the family of Ashley and Althea (twins). We were supposed to visit them in the morning then leave that night but was canceled due to a very cold weather where we’ve gone so lazy and decided to sleep that night away. So the best part is playing with the twins all day. Man, they are so full of energy, I mean they are unstoppable, once they start doing things they cannot be stopped and beware, if you try to, they will cry. Ha-ha!

Anyway, Ive found out that those two were closer than the past few months. They now act as if they want to share the glory of doing things. They even move in synchronization from time to time and they support one another. The best part of what they do is when we asked them to hug, they hugged one another and it is a good sight and it is very very cute. Included below are pictures of these twins ad I hope you’ll like it.

And that’s about it for now. I have tons of pictures here but I don’t know if I can upload it here soon. Anyway, it is time for me to go and rest a little. I hope these photos brighten up my viewers day. Thank you and God bless!

The Empire

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