Flooding Problem


The location of the company I am working for is considered to be highly likely to be flooded. The problem is the drainages are clogged with so much trash, although its is clean and trash-free on the surface, what lies beneath is a different story. So workers in that location often get stranded before they can work or go home which depends on when the rain will come flushing down. I think that if the local government or those in charge in the restoration of drainages in that area can’t find a solution for that then it’s up to us who pass by to do some self tweaking. 😀 It’s the season for rain so it should be normal to experience sudden changes in the weather. Today fashion can turn your bad day in to a better one, just like what rain boots can do. Simple boots seem to be old-fashioned so try alternatives with a different level of rain boots so avoid being soaked in the dirty flood water. Think of it as a healthy and fashionable way to enjoy a disaster. 😀

Extreme Makeover


Fashion became a good reason to improve our self may it be just our statement or for the purpose of showing what our personalities are. Just like the studded leather gloves by Michael Kors, it shows a lot of personal and creative touch for a pair of leather gloves. I think by wearing this gloves you can feel quite good about your sense of style just like Michael Jackson. I think I want this for my next gig so I can have the rockstar look that I need.

Harley-tized accessory


I’m planning on having my new outfit or rather; looking for something creative suits my personality today. I am thinking of some casual wear, t-shirt or polo shirt and jeans that contrast on my complexion and then accessorizing it with Harley accessories in which I think would be nice and will be acceptable to the eyes of the people around me. I always wear clothes that are comfortable for me, I don’t care if it does not look good, but as long as I feel good about it, I can manage to carry it with ease. Well for most cases, I enjoy seeing myself wearing semi fitted t shirts that obviously highlight my body for masculinity. I don’t like to wear loose t-shirts as much as possible when I go out; at home it may be ok most of the time. So that’s about it I guess, just another short description on how I prefer to dress to kill.

The Empire

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