Managing Finances


People are bound to spend money to support their needs. It is fine to spend money on things that are important especially those that are in the list of needs. Its acceptable that we spend more than what we think is alright but you should also learn how to manage your finances properly. Problems may rise if mismanagement is practiced regulary. For example, instead of spending money on those luxurious things, which is often in the list of wants, just concentrate on spending money on those which are in the list of one’s needs. Discipline is needed to avoid any debt brought by a wrong practice of spending.

One way of managing finances is by investing a time learning, researching and knowing information about top debt consolidation companies and will give interested individuals a very cheap debt consolidation which is a big bonus for everyone who needs it. With their help, your finances can be balanced in an instant. It offers help by breaking down your and concentrating it into one consolidated debt so paying for it is made easier. Since our society is fund of spending to make ourselves feel a whole lot better, it is still necessary to manage finances, and by doing so, avoid debt in most cases. Thanks to consolidation, paying debts can be as easy as reading ABC.

let the good times roll


The First semester was finally over and our lessons as well. Papers kept pouring until we’ve reached our breaking point and now I am relieved by the fact that I don’t have to do hard work for two straight weeks. Just another time with myself. I can still remember in our IBE class where we learned nothing but reverse mortgage all on our own. Our professor is such a mess and a lazy ass if I may permit myself to say that to his face. Oh well, I guess I am still lucky to have him as my professor, imagine a full semester of idling around doing things which are clearly not related to the subject but somehow the grades are still soaring high. But the consequences are also high, we need to learn important terms about the business world and terms like, finance, reverse mortgages, by laws and the likes are not clearly explained or been used to the extent that we will all be very familiar about it. Lucky but not a success i guess. And oh! I also learned about the reverse mortgage calculator but not from our professor, I accidentally came across a textbook that teaches how to compute for those transactions may it be automatic or manual the important things is the guide offered by common services. Bah! I wish that the our break from school will get me ready for another semester of groundbreaking studies. Make me read to face the corporate world oh college of mine.

Class of Business Finance


I know a lot about business terminologies and strategies, thanks to my Business Finance class and of course my professor. I will not be negative about this, especially our topic about Business Loans and something like that. He might not taught me everything I have to know, good thing is that I learned to independently research on my own so that I would have my mind set for the future to come. My favorite topics are, Corporations, Business Loan, Mortgage, Stocks (oh this one is my most favorite), Investing (this one I ought to learn and practice myself) and everything about finance and business. I don’t really hope for something good to happen, I intend to do it someday and maybe tell my stories far better than anyone else.

Small Business


Whether you are planning to have a business, even a small business would take a high capital from your part. As as to enable you to not risk much of your time and money, one way to minimize it is to have some small business loans. Therefore you will have a higher chance of success and higher chance that  your small business will live longer.

Another important thing about starting a business is you should know the steps in making one. One important thing is planning as to what type of business is needed the time you are planning it. Designing should another step as to what structures you should take. However, never ever underestimate the power of financial literacy for this will ensure that what you’ve spent in a business should cycle though your business leaving you a share of your own success. small business financing will be one way to do that to increase your capital and start earning more from the services rendered.

Remember that capital should be your basis as to what business should be established along with proper marketing strategy. A great solution to jumpstart in your business is to have a small business loan. As for those who are planning to have a small business, awareness is essential, proper knowledge and risk management are always needed.

Nature and Aims of Business Part I


Philippine economy is said to be growing fast due to visible economic progress that can bee seen through growing number business enterprises. But in return, to increase more the output, relying on goals and visions and factors such as skills, talent, man power and such things alike, it is true that one cannot stand without capital, so thereby it is an essential aspect on starting a business or continuing a business.

“Business enterprise is people” it is clearly defined that a business directly affects, or even rules, the everyday life of the people. Business contributes to la larger impact to people itself. People learn and adapt though experience from business or in business, their lives change as well as the economy. People run the business then drive the economy as what should be the outcome is. Business makes opportunities both for an entrepreneur and the workers. i.e. profit and employment.

A business is defined as any lawful economic activity which is concerned with making goods available as well as rendering of useful services to those who want and need them. Businesses are all around us and making our lives conform to the higher standard in our society.

There are many kinds of business, in fact too many to name. So many that it is broken down to 3 categories. These are Commerce, Industry and Services.

Purpose and Aim of Business

Making a profit is the primary goal of a business. In fact profit makes business grow and develop with it. Without profit, a business should not be called a business.

The Empire

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