And So It Goes


As I discuss about fat burning ways, have you heard of the foods that burn fat? It’s actually very rare when you say it like this but, when you see and hear the names of the products, it will be like a common thing, for everyday. Yogurt, the juice products and other foods that can be bought in the groceries and other stores.

Another Weight Loss Problem?


I began gaining more weight for the past six months and I can’t seem to control gaining more. I don’t eat to much, I have plenty of exercises but maybe its just the age and my lifestyle that is affecting these changes. I found something interesting last time that I checked the internet, its about phentermine, a weight loss product that helps, of course, gives great results in losing weight. I have read some of their reviews and I found out that exercise alone can’t give us great results but with the help of this weight loss pill, your expectations upon losing weight will be more than just a hearsay.

French Toast Casserole Plan


Since my grandmother who loves to cook for us is on vacation on our province and is going through a series of general check up. I decided to cook for my family from time to time and it made me feel a little useful in the kitchen. I trust my skills but I can say clearly that my French toast casserole is quite healthy and delicious at the same time though I would not want to let that inside my head. I’ve done many dishes of of what we have in our kitchen and my family loved it not that they have any choice at all. I think I learned to cook from my bestfriend Jha, or i learned to love to cook from her. Oh well, I need more recipes this week, better find another one for my family before we order from a fastfood.

Gluttony Week


Well, where should I start.. I think it would be nice if I mention some of the things that happened to me this last two weeks. First, instead of playing online casino on Saturday I’ve decided to go to my friend’s birthday party in San Juan. The next day, Sunday, was another reception from my Inaanak. I was thinking of online casinos then but the guilt of not making it to Gelo’s Christening made me think twice.

Last Monday became my rest day, to be ready for another eating spree for Rocky and Mean’s 5th year anniversary, of course the food was all great. I fell in love with all the food Ive eaten lately and it boosted my appetite for quite a while making me forget about casinos. This is just a summary of what Ive done from the last two weeks. Photos and more info on events that made my week will be posted here in details.

Eat and Stay Slim for Women


1. Slow and steady – Fullness signals to the brain are delayed by about 20 minutes. Savoring each bite allows the brain to register the body’s satiation before becoming stuffed with food.

2. Ritual preparation and eating – “Make and bring, not buy”. Avoid processed goods and fastfood chains! Set a time and place to eat your meals while not doing anything else.

3. Water – Forget about sugar-filled, carbonated sodas. We all need to drink lots of water! Or try herbal tea and soup.

4. Portion Control – Eat anything, but in moderation.

5. Substitution and pacifiers – With the intent to eat quality meals no more than three times a day, snacks are to be avoided. But to pacify cravings, have healthy snacks on hand, such as nonfat yogurt, fresh fruit, or crackers.

6. Move – Walk a lot and enjoy lifestyle activities over a workout at the gym. (Sex is considered a “fun exercise” for them)

7. Weekend rewards – Enjoy the occasional treat. But make up for it through a lighter meal, or an extra long walk afterward.

8. Zipper syndrome – Stop stepping on your weight scale. If you no longer can zip your pants, that is the only needed indicator if your getting out of shape.

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